Friday, September 5, 2008

It's My Birthday & More Homicide

Yes, today is the first birthday for this hoops blogspot. It certainly doesn't seem that long ago I was puzzled about what I should call such a creation. JR, On Fire was born and the blogging world has never been the same.

This spot got off to a very slow and scary start as I'm not the most tech savvy guy. But with help from a lot of people along the way I can now change the ink colour all by myself, post a video and use spell check sometimes.

Although it is still very much a work in progress I feel it is now at a level where a monster sponsor (Yahoo, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Slam or anyone for that matter) is going to knock on my door any minute now. (Watch out Henry Abbott I might one day get to "Worldwide Wes".)

Hopefully in the near future there will be other additions here so my loyal supporters can see I'm dedicated to bringing them all things basketball, (almost)everyday of the year.

My highlights to date are:

- getting a mention on JE Skeets, Ball Don't Lie. Thanks Yahoo Sports.

- entering in on the Steve Nash free throw challenge. I need to hear back from Steve still.

- Dime Mag referring to me as "some Australian dude".

- last but certainly not least, my wife not finding a typo when she flicks through here once a week.

I can only hope my next twelve months are as much fun as I endeavour to get this cyber world/blogging thing down.

Now On To The News:

- There are a lot of people out there that accuse me of self promotion but Corey "Homicide" Williams may have me beat. My backcourt running mate called me today to say I needed to "check out" Slam Online.

I come to find out that Slam had just put a fresh article online about C-Murder. Check out the video also so someone can please tell me why "Homicide" is wearing a jockstrap on his head in one of the highlights?

- WorldHoopsBlog turns one month old today. Maybe we can blow out the candle together? I cannot believe Kobe beat me out for the starting two guard spot. More practice is required I guess.

- As I mentioned here yesterday, Jeff Dowdell has been cut by the Perth Wildcats. While the Wildcats had the axe out, they chopped Tom Garlepp as well.
- 36ers Davidson in danger of missing season opener.

- Sydney King's former owner Tim Johnston has more dodgy dealings. This time with the military.

- Crocs and Tigers to do battle in Mackay.

- Wollongong Hawks and Gold Coast Blaze will battle on the Tropic of Capricorn. For those who are geographically challenged, Rockahampton is found there.

- South Dragons finally sign import Ebi Ere. Oops, sorry, it is Tremmell Darden.

- Blaze have a four point win over the Hawks. Blaze big man Casey frank goes for 36. boxscore

- Sydney Spirit get win over touring Japanese team. Former Washington St point guard Derrick Low led all scorers with 20 to go with 7 assists.

- boxscore from Tigers/Crocs clash last night. I shoot better than I write!

- Greg Oden, ROY?

- Dwight Howard is aiming for two gold medals.

- Pat Riley to go into the Hall of Fame on Friday.

- D-Wade, Kobe and 'Melo to be on Oprah.

- What's next for NBA rookies Mario Chambers and Darrell Arthur?

- So you think he is a loser? Seattle native and current New York Knick guard Jamal Crawford joins us athletes in the blog squad world.

A JR exclusive - "Homicide" Williams comments on Bounce Mag's Top Ten New York Streetballers for this summer.


J.E. said...

Happy blog birthday, JR.

DJ Rod said...

nice work on the backDROP JR...


was Shorty holding it up and his arms get a bit tired?


mookie said...

Happy Birthday, JR.

The site is looking very polished lately, with exclusive videos and all -- nice work from the Toowoomba Terror!

brandon hoffman said...


Glockers said...

Happy bday JR.

PaulieDanger said...

Your man had a jock strap on his dome because someone called him a dickhead.

Just kidding. Good shit with the exclusives, man.

Now start runnin' them suicides. Hard work, and you'll make my starting 5 for September.

Anton said...

Congrats, JR!

Time for the official awarding of the Australia's Best Ball Blogger award.

Dodge Taylor said...

Hi JR,

Happy 1st birthday for the blog! I've just got back from a week and a half down in Melbourne so haven't been able to read it daily like usual. You've done a great job with the blog so far, keep it up!

Ex-Brisbane Bullets