Monday, September 22, 2008

What Happens After A Bad Loss

Read below to see how and where former King/Croc import EJ Rowland is playing.

Always a popular question asked by fans, "What do you do at practice after you get flogged?" when you have had a bad loss.

Nothing on the practice floor really changes. We practice for the same length of time (2hrs) as we normally would and guys stick around afterwards and work on their game individually.

We haven't all of a sudden forgotten how to play the game, plus we practice hard all the time anyway. If individuals tried to take the easy road, they will not be playing for Coach Trevor Gleeson for too long.

There maybe some suttle changes made during practice because the coaching staff has picked up on something during the game. An example of this is when our offense is starting out too far from the basket. We may be getting forced out further than what we want to be.

It is amazing what a difference a few feet can mean to being efficient on offense.
Where there is an actual difference in our daily schedule is the amount of time spent watching film.

We always watch film, win or lose but we come in for some special attention when we play like we did the other night.

Today we watched film for close on an hour and a half. We needed it. As a teammate said, "film doesn't lie".

And it didn't. We were good at times but when we were bad, it was disastrous.

Film can be a beneficial tool as you get to see first hand what you are doing right or wrong. You don't always get as clear a picture when you are running up and down the court trading baskets.

As you can see the result of a game does not really effect our day to day routine. Just a little more TV watching but in this case it is not a rewarding exercise.

Mad Monday Night with the Links

- After last night's loss to the South Dragons, Perth wants the NBL headquarters to take a look at the video tape. Apparently the Dragons had six players on the court at one stage, late in the fourth quarter. If this is correct, it will be interesting to see how the NBL front office address this matter. We have seen the AFL take a strong stance on issues like this one.

Ben Knight comments.

- Melbourne Tigers Ebi Ere feels they have "raw talent". Something that his previous teams in Brisbane and Sydney did not have.

- Gold Coast Blaze coach, Brendon Joyce, feels like his team will be a major player in this year competition. Although getting out of the blocks slow, 0-2, he feels once James Harvey is full fit and import Luke Whitehead returns from injury, they will be a force.

- Rob Beveridge wants to see a NBL team return to his home town of Canberra. If you live in the nation's capital, you better show your support for the Sydney Spirit this weekend when they take on the Adelaide 36ers.

- Adelaide Advertiser's Boti Nagy lets us know how he feels about the new Sydney team and his weekly NBL wrap.

- Seria A League in Italy to chance import quotas for 2009/10 season.

- France and Italy in dog fight to reach European Championships in 2009. If France doesn't qualify, does that mean Tony Parker drops album #2?

- EJ Rowland interview from Germany. My former teammate is in Germany for his second season, but with a new team. Boxscore from his 1st game this season.

- Take a look at where the NBA might look to expand, internationally and domestic.

- WorldHoopsBlog is giving us his Top 10 Pro Basketball logos. Who is #10?

- A Stern Warning tells us how to climb a mountain, Celtic style.

- The Professor likes Penney's shooting display.

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PaulieDanger said...

That video's brilliant. I don't know who's got a better future in television. You, or the kid with the mullet.

Anton said...

We Sport Count fellas have a conundrum, JR. It's serious. It's a real problem.

We've been King heads since we were kids, but now that they're out of the league we're left with the Spirit (who are, obviously, actually the Razorbacks, just with an inexplicable new sponsor and a fresh colour scheme).

Now, are we forced by geography to adopt the Spirit? Or does this represent a rare moment when one can justifiably select a brand new team from a whole different city?

We'll be at Spirit games either way, just to watch. But are we obligated to go for them?

What're your thoughts on this most pressing of matters?

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar boat to the above. As an ex Razorback fan its hard to be motivated by the Spirit. Its a pussy name, game night is an average presentation and to top it off, the team is bollox. I support basketball in Australia but the NBL is making it hard. Especially when we're sposed to follow this piece of poo team for a season, then it gets ripped up under the review. So JR, whats the incentive to support this team? As a fan u go thru the hard times to make the good times more rewarding. In this situation, there will be no good times.Woulda been better off staying as WSR. Kelly Bebbington, Sydney.

PaulieDanger said...

The easy answer is start the first anti-supporter club for Sydney Kings supporters. Rally all the ex Kings fans and get them out to Spirit games and call the stadium your homeless shelter. Take in signs written on cardboard "Will cheer 4 food" or "Displaced Kings Fan".

I think it's vital that the league be supported by as many fans as possible these days. But you can go to Spirit games without forsaking your allegiance to the Kings.

Anonymous said...

When the losses keep happening for the same reason maybe you guys should change your practices and spend more time on D. It has been a long time since you guys can claim to have any effect on opposing teams on D. Surely someone there realises that season in season out the problem remains the same.

Edouard said...

I find it interesting that Razor fans dont c Spirit as their team. Jus remember Razor aka Spirit fans, u cant polish poo. As a kings fan i will do my best 2 attend any NBL game but NBL is making it so hard to even bother with the league. Let see whats all the talk is about 4 next season b4 i decide, their r better leagues 2 spend my hard earned on. JR great work on ur site, mayb u should think about stepping in the save our league.

DJ Leon Smith said...

I'm going to do a post on adopting a new team soon, but besides a player who has lost a job due to a team folding I think I've been hit worse than anyone - I'm a fan of the Brisbane Bullets and Seattle Sonics, and my local team was the Sydney Kings. People have been telling me to NOT support their team, just in case they fold as well.

John Rillie said...


Plenty of mullets on show up here in the north.

John Rillie said...


If you are a basketball fan you will go and watch all hoops. Whether you become a fan of that team, I'm not sure.

From personal experience, when living in Sydney I would go and watch both the Kings and Hawks when I wasn't playing.

I'm a basketball fan so I can go to a game and appreciate the players and their skills without feeling I have to support a certain team.