Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overseas Coaching Opportunity


The Australian Government, as part of its overseas aid program, conducts a program called the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program (AYAD).

The aim of the program is to send young Australians aged 18 – 30 years of age into countries in the Pacific area, to undertake development work with local people.

FIBA Oceania has been a partner with the AYAD program for almost 10 years, and in that time we have sent nine Basketball Development Officers in the countries of Tonga, Fiji (3 AYAD’s), PNG, Vanuatu (2 AYAD’s), Solomon Islands and Samoa.

In 2010 it is proposed that FIBA Oceania will send two AYAD’s – 1 person to Vanuatu and 1 person to Tonga. The 12 month assignments will run from July 2010 until July 2011.

The Role of a Basketball Development AYAD:
You will work on a daily basis with the local National Basketball Development Officer (NBDO), undertaking a broad range of basketball activities to help develop the game. This might include school clinics, education workshops and sponsorship meetings.

You will work from the National Olympic headquarters, and your work will involve every facet of basketball from coaching in miniball programs through to working with National teams; from Federation administration through to coaching and refereeing.

You will help the NBDO develop their skills, and you will have a hand in setting the strategic direction of the Federation.

During the 12 month assignment, you will accrue 4 weeks of holidays, which you are able to take during the year, in agreement with the local Basketball Federation. Friends and family are able to visit you in Tonga and Vanuatu, and you are able to return to Australia during that period for special events, at your own cost, should you need to.

What It Takes to be a Basketball Development AYD:
You will need to be a highly motivated person, who can work unsupervised. You will need to be able to find solutions to problems – you must have a ‘can do’ attitude.

You will need to have a flexible attitude, and be prepared to live in a culture that is significantly different to yours.

You will need to be a basketball ‘jack-of-all-trades’ – that is, you will need to know something about coaching, refereeing, competition and association administration, sponsorship, strategic planning and marketing. While this is a difficult call, as people tend to specialize in one or two of those areas, you will need to up-skill yourself in areas that you may not feel qualified. But we will help you with that up-skilling. NCAS level 1 qualifications are expected, but experience is given a priority.

More Information About the Program:
While this program is classified as a ‘volunteer’ program, the following expenses are paid for you:

You will need to be a basketball ‘jack-of-all-trades’ – that is, you will need to know something about coaching, refereeing, competition and association administration, sponsorship, strategic planning and marketing. While this is a difficult call, as people tend to specialize in one or two of those areas, you will need to up-skill yourself in areas that you may not feel qualified. But we will help you with that up-skilling. NCAS level 1 qualifications are expected, but experience is given a priority.

More Information About the Program:
While this program is classified as a ‘volunteer’ program, the following expenses are paid for you:

  • International return air fares to Tonga and Vanuatu.
  • A monthly living allowance that is sufficient to cover your rent, food and general expenses.
  • An allowance prior to departure that assists you to purchase specific clothing or equipment you might need to undertake your AYAD assignment.
  • All your medical expenses (checkups, injections etc) prior to departure
  • An additional living and travel allowance from FIBA Oceania.

Think You’ve Got What it Takes to be a Basketball AYAD?

  • The first thing you should do is go to the AYAD website and read about the program at
  • If you are still keen about the program, send your resume to Judy Smith at the FIBA Oceania office. Your resume must include names and contact details for 3 people whom I can contact for references. Email is If you want to email first with questions about the program, please do so.
  • Divide your resume into two sections:
    • The first should be your basketball CV. Tell me about your qualifications (Level 1 coach etc), your playing, coaching, refereeing and administration experience, with emphasis on the past 2 – 3 years.
    • The second part should include your educational qualifications and employment record.
  • You must be prepared to spend 12 months in either Vanuatu or Tonga, and you must be ready to depart around July 2010.


  • 1st December 2009: Written applications are to be with Judy Smith, via email.
  • January 2010: Interviews conducted.
  • End of January 2010: Successful candidates notified
  • Late February 2010: FIBA Oceania notified that the assignment is approved
  • June 2010: Pre-departure training for all intake 28 candidates
  • July 2010: Assignment commencement date

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Danger Game For Hawks

Hawk Larry Davidson is 3rd in block shots. Can he have an impact tonight? I think so.

Tonight's Fox Sports game is a clash against the community teams. The league leading Wollongong Hawks (4-1), takes on the road inept (0-3) Cairns Taipans (3-4).

The two teams have already met this year with the Hawks taking the Taipans to school in the Gong, 71-59 in Round 3.

I'm sensing this is a danger game for the Hawks though. They have bolted out of the gates and have taken care of business at home to date with a blemish free 4-0 record at home..

This game will really show me what type of team the Hawks can be this year. It should be a game they win but if they do not apply themselves mentally the Snakes will take advantage as they have been on struggle street of late.

It's going to be important that the home team comes out strong early and put the Taipans under pressure. Plant doubt in the Taipans mind early.

A key match up will be at the point guard position. Can Taipan Skip Mills slow down Ty McKee? McKee (2nd in scoring at 22ppg) has won recent battles against studs CJ Bruton and Corey "Homicide" Williams so I hope Mills is resting up as I speak.

Rebounding is going to be key, in particular the Snakes on the offensive glass. Both Ian Crosswhite (2.4) and Dusty Rychart (2.9) are in the Top 10 for rebounding teammates misses. A team that is a little down on confidence can hand around with second chance opportunities and these two guys make a living from this.

The Hawks offense has been running very smoothly and a big reason for that is they create easy baskets from their defense. They have four guys (McKee, Mat Campbell, Glen Saville and Ryhs Martin) in the Top 10 in steals. (That is almost unheard of.) Steals lead to easy baskets so the Snakes will need to look after the ball otherwise the Hawks will be "off to the races", making it a long night at the office for the Snakes.

My X factors in this contest are Larry Davidson of the Hawks and Rich Melzer of the Snakes.

Davidson has been doing a little of everything for the Hawks and I have grown to appreciate his skill set. Whether it has been a three from the top or starting the break with a defensive rebound, he has become quite a factor in the Hawks success to date.

Melzer needs to provide offense for his team. If Phill Jones is having a quiet night Melzer is the other guy on the squad that can score points in a hurry and put his team in a winning position. He is a tough match up for other four men in the league as he can knock down the three but but the ball on the floor and get to the rim. He needs to come ready to play if the Taipans are to taste success on the road.

For some strange reason, I'm pumped to watch this game and that is something I can say I have never said about this matchup before.

My tip, Hawks by 13.

In the other game tonight, the Melbourne Tigers will bounce back from their loss to the Perth Wildcats on Sunday. They host the Gold Coast Blaze.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ingles vs Nielsen & Griffin Injury

I come across this footage of Joe Ingles on his on Facebook page. He has been pumping up his own tyres all day.

First it was his broken tooth, now he is happy driving right and finishing over fellow Aussie Matt Nielsen.

Watch carefully as Ingles give Nielsen a little head rub, but it "Nitro" that got the last laugh with the win.

The other big play of the day is 2009 NBA #1 draft pick Blake Griffin has not been able to side step the Los Angles Clippers curse.

With a routine block at one end, followed with a dunk at the other, Griffin will miss up to six weeks with a broken knee cap.

Ingles Toothless

Jumpin Joe Ingles will now be now known as "Toothless" Joe. During his weekend's Spanish ACB clash against fellow Aussie Matt Nielsen, Ingles takes a shot to the chops wit5h only minutes remaining in the game.

Joe will be seeking dental advice in the upcoming days. I will endeavour to get a report on the damage.

News From Around The NBL

- Canberra Cannons are looking to get back into the league. Can the Palace recapture the glory days of the 80's?

- Boti Nagy and his colourful words wrap up Round 5.

- The Cairns Taipans need to turn their recent losing form around. They get a chance Wednesday night (on Fox Sports) against the white hot Wollongong Hawks.

- Perth Wildcat import Kevin Lisch discusses his possible 'cult hero' status out west.

I do know the rookie import got off to a slow start but Head Coach Rob Beveridge has always remained upbeat about this young man's abilities.

It seems Beveridge's feel is spot on.

- New Zealand Breaker Kirk Penney is still in doubt for this week's clash against the Adelaide 36ers.

- On a positive injury front, it seems that Townsville Crocodile Michael Cedar will return this Friday night against the Melbourne Tigers.

More Video But A Little NBA

I have yet to touch on the NBA at all recently and it all starts on Wednesday. Here is a little taste of what the Boston Celtics have been up to over the offseason.

Besides possessing the ability to pull the trigger on a jump shot in a heart beat, Eddie House is quick to clown his teammate Ray Allen as well.

Hat tip to Neswsports for this one.

The Wollongong Hawks have been quick to get this week's highlight package out. They were convincing winners over the Townsville Crocodiles in Round 5.

Wollongong Hawks Vs Townsville Crocs 24/10/09 from Laww Media on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hawks Lil Man Comes Up Big

When I first saw this You Tube footage of Wollongong Hawk rookie dwarf Zac Delaney, my mind immediately went back to the Lil Penny ads.

The Hawks are laying claim that Delaney is the shortest guy to take the court in NBL history.

My question is, Delaney can play the role of Lil Penny, but who can play Big Brotha?

Did someone say Sam Harris?

Oh, that thought just jogged my mind. Harris can play the role of Gheorghe Muresan in a remake of this ad with ZacD.

ESPN Australia (Travis Winks), I'm onto something here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boti Fires Shots At His 36ers

Adelaide Advertiser's Boti Nagy has only gone a few rounds into the NBL's 2009/10 season before he has unleased on his Adelaide 36ers.
Read below to see his exact words, but the one player that really comes under some scrutiny from the scribe is import Jonh Gilchrist.
Gilchrist who has had a feature story in heavy rotation on Fox Sports makes comment about how he will play anywhere as long as he "feels the love" from the fans.
I hope John did not read this article becasuse there is no love to be found in Adelaide right now.
"ADELAIDE'S NBL season already is in freefall and in danger of sinking beyond trace in the next week.

Everything from its import choices, team balance, injury record and coaching is under the microscope after consecutive discouraging, dismal, debilitating failures.

In the off-season, SOS (Save Our Sixers) formed to save the club.

Now someone needs to step forward and save this team.

Five matches into a 28-game regular season may seem premature to have red flags waving but alarm bells are ringing too loudly to ignore after an indolent, whopping 80-110 road crash in Perth was followed by a pathetic 70-81 home capitulation to a one-man Melbourne team.

This was a Tigers team with no Chris Anstey, no David Barlow, no Ebi Ere, no fit Sam Mackinnon, no experience at centre but with guys such as Nathan Crosswell, Tommy Greer and Neville Nobody making the Sixers look silly.

Mark Worthington positively dominated after half-time as Adelaide watched the game steadily and assuredly slip away, defenceless.

A 2-3 record heading into Cairns tomorrow night - the 36ers already have lost there this season, followed by a trek on Thursday to Auckland where New Zealand will hand the 36ers another shallacking - leaves little doubt Adelaide will not only be in red but its record deep into the red before its next home game.

It starts with the coach and Ninnis was slow off the mark with his decision-making as the tide turned.

But to start a small line-up of John Gilchrist, Cortez Groves, Nathan Herbert, Jacob Holmes and Adam Ballinger, then play slow, walk-the-ball-up basketball was suicide.

Townsville has "Homicide", the 36ers have "Suicide" because Gilchrist's slow tempo played right into the Tigers' claws. As if that 36er quintet could beat you down in a slow halfcourt game.

Sure, the line-up was forced on Ninnis with centre Matt Burston (hand) now out for at least two weeks. The question of why Neil Mottram wasn't brought in as back-up insurance - like Perth did with Luke Schenscher insurance for Paul Rogers . . . that turned out to be pretty handy - now leaves Adelaide light on and extremely vulnerable.

Ballinger, Holmes and Herbert consistently have to defend players they're not suited to and in Ballinger's case, that contributes to his (lack of) offensive output.

So does the fact the 36ers' offence appears such a convoluted mess that selfishness and hanging onto the ball seem its most prevalent attributes. Can it get Ballinger one open look?

Gilchrist won his first duel with CJ Bruton - and he'll find the Breakers' superstar ready to square the ledger in Auckland next week - but had his colours lowered by Corey Williams. He still hit the game-winner but it didn't help much in Perth where he was almost irrelevant. Against Melbourne, he was just embarrassing.
Whining to referees, whingeing at team-mates, rolling excessively on the floor after a bump - in this country that stuff falls under one broad heading: "crap".

It's also the first step on the fast track to premature evacuation of your professional contract.

Groves appears to have lost belief in his jumpshot and three-pointer but was effective against the Tigers taking the ball to the basket.

He also shut out Kirk Penney when the 36ers beat New Zealand and when he was running the team in the second period - Gilchrist off and mentally visiting Funky Town - the unlikely combination of Darren Ng, Brad Hill, Holmes and David Cooper was the one which pushed Adelaide to its double-digit lead.

The two-guard import scenario was always risky with Hill, Herbert and Ng also really guards, but when it is not performing, it becomes a luxury even a pauper can't afford.

Ninnis last week said good teams don't get beaten by 30 so we know this team isn't that good.

But what does it take to show some grit, passion and heart?

The Tigers had the formula.

They also had the pride."

Pull The Trigger with Cam Tragardh

Wollongong Hawk scoring machine Cameron Tragardh has his own You Tube segment called "Pull The Trigger - You Know You Want To".

He believes people want to hear what he has to say. Let me know if you want to hear from him in a second episode.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Inside The Game Ft JR

Just like a budding hip hop artist tries to get a Jay-Z or a Nas to feature on their debut single, Inside The Game with Kevin Brooks and Brett Maher have made the ratings call and asked for the Jay-Z of the Aussie sporting blogosphere to feature on their show.

You can tune in live at 6pm central time or check it out later when you have more time to sit down and hang on every word I have to say. I'll be appearing at around 6.30pm central, commenting on how I have seen the first 4 rounds of the NBL unfold.

Drop by, tune in and let me know if the guest feature helped the program!

Recap & News

NBL's Round 5 has gotten underway and the television audience has been spoiled as both games have been broadcast, (we have been put on pause for the remainder of the round) so here are some of my thoughts from the first two games.

Adelaide 36ers vs Melbourne Tigers 70-81

- Is it just me, or does it seem the Adelaide 36ers are only going to go as far a John Gilchrist can take them? Glichrist had a rather quiet night (9pts, 6rebs, 1 ass) and to date it seems when his production is high across the board, the 36ers are a different team to play.

- Centre Matt Burston is a difference maker for the 36ers but if the centre is not healthy for the majority of the games, has then gamble paid off. Remember, Burston has become accustomed to the odd injury over his career.

- Mark Worthington tore the 36ers defense for a new one with 29 points for the game, but I felt it was Sam MacKinnon's impact in the fourth quarter that helped the Melbourne Tigers gain the ascendancy.

Mackinnon (7pts, 8rebs, 4ass, 3st) had several steals that led to transition baskets and then in the half court his penetration created a lot of the open shots for 'Wortho'.

- Neither team shot the ball well (both were at 40%) in this game, so turnovers become crucial. The 15-7 count against Adelaide was a difference maker in this one. JAcob Holmes with 5 was the main offender.

New Zealand Breakers vs Townsville Crocodiles 92-82

- Has Corey Williams learnt his lesson about making comments about other imports. Williams made comment about the Breakers import pairing of Rick Rickert and Awvee Storey. Here is how they responded to the negative comments.

Rickert - 16pts, 18rebs, 5 ass
Storey - 22pts, 4rebs

Williams himself had 3 fouls in the first 6 minutes of play that really limited his impact on the game.

- 26 assists on 33 field goals for the Breakers means there was a lot of sharing going on. CJ Bruton had 9 and backup point guard Paul Henare had 6.

- Rolan Roberts just cannot help himself to some cheap fouls. The big man needs to not be so aggressive in what I would call "50-50" plays. Although he is being aggressive, the likelihood of him coming up with the ball instead of a foul is high risk stuff.

- Crocs big men (Roberts, Russell Hinder, Stephen Hoare and Jeff Dowdell) combined for 4 rebounds.


- Former NBL commentator Don Lane dies.

- Nathan Jawai, traded again. The Bamaga product needs to stick with it until he finds a team that will give him a chance.

- The Melbourne Tigers are looking to stay All-Australian.

- Gold Coast Blaze import Erron Maxey is ready to rumble this time against the Cairns Taipans.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Williams Fires Shot A Fellow Imports

Corey Williams has called out the New Zealand imports. Have his words lit a fire under them?

Flamboyant Townsville Crocodiles import Corey "Homicide " Williams has send a warning message to New Zealand Breakers import pairing of Rick Rickert and Awvee Storey.

Williams has called them out and said "I want to go down there and put their struggling imports under the pump".

The full story can be found here courtesy of the Townsville Bulletin.
You can catch the game on FoxSports tonight around 5pm depending on where you live.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perth Wildcat News

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hawks/Breakers & Crocs/Blaze Video Recap

As we have come to expect from the Wollongong Hawks IT Department, here is their latest production. A recap of their clash with the New Zealand Breakers.

What you will see is Cameron Tragardh throwing down an 'alley oop' dunk, ( A pin point pass from Glen Saville!), Paul Henare launching and making a 3, Awvee Storey hoisting a shot he would love to have back, Tragardh passing and Larry Davidson dunking.

Check it out.

While I'm on this video kick, you can check out the highlights of the Townsville Crocodiles and Gold Coast Blaze clash.

Joe Ingles To The Rescue

Former South Dragons championship winning guard (and regular reader of this blog) Joe Ingles has started his European career off with a bang (and block).

Playing in Spain's top league, the ACB, Ingles came up with a huge block to send the game into overtime (see footage below - thanks to my overseas correspondent J-Drumm). Not only did Ingles play the 'D' in this game, he also produced 14pts, 6 rebs and 5 assists as his CB Granada team defeated Xacobeo, 95-92.

Other notables in the game, former NBA player Marc Jackson, Richard Hendrix and Tar Heel Reyshawn Terry.

Early Morning News

- Adelaide basketball expert Boti Nagy gives us his weekly wrap.

- Could the NBL see last year's MVP Kirk Penney return this week?

- Adelaide 36ers Head Coach Scott Ninnis talks up how well the Perth Wildcats played last weekend.

- "Homicide" Williams in MVP form?

- Townsville Crocodiles are firming as title contenders.

- Small ball is working for the Townsville Crocs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crocs/Blaze Press Conference

AI Sends It In South Of The Boarder

Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers runs and jumps for the boarder. Actually, the 76ers and the Phoenix Suns played a preseason game in Mexico and AI has this rather nice one handed jam.

Dave Gruber Interview

Hard working Wollongong Hawk import Dave Gruber answers ll the ridiculous questions asked by on the ground Hawks reporter Asa.

The former Northern Iowa standout talks about geography, Saturday Night Live and nicknames.

It's worth a look just to find out a little more about this SEABL MVP.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hawks & McKee Keep Rollin

OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN! Ty McKee came up huge in the 4th quarter for his Hawks against the Breakers.

The Wollongong Hawks have secured another home win. This time it was over the struggling New Zealand Breakers, 76-65.

It was the one on one match up at the point guard spot that had everyone salivating before tip off. Tywain McKee vs CJ Bruton. The New Kid On The Block vs The Cagey Veteran.

This round the points will have to go to McKee. He once again has come up big in the fourth quarter having a huge impact and finishing with 14 points in the final ten minutes. His impact on the game allowed the Hawks to outscore the Kiwis 30-13 in the final term.

McKee lead all scorers with 23 while Bruton paced the Breakers with 18.

Crocs vs Blaze Press Conference

Trevor Gleeson will be looking for a please explain through the week from the referees' boss.

Here is the raw and uncut audio from the Townsville Crocodiles vs Gold Coast Blaze post game press conference.

First we hear from Crocs Head Coach Trevor Gleeson and game MVP Corey "Homicide" Williams.

Gleeson touches on Williams' improved defense this week and how he will be contacting the referees evaluator and discuss what you can and can't say to a ref.

Williams chat's about the crowd walking away with cheeseburgers and how it is an exceptional group of point guards in this season's NBL.

At the end a journalist asks Gleeson about an incident during the game involving a player and a ref. Gleeson was more interested in chatting about his half court shot made at shoot around.

Click here to listen.

For the Blaze, Head Coach Joey Wright talks about his team's slow start and how Williams will be hard to stop if the refereeing remains the same.

Young gun Chris Goulding talks about the Crocs making their free throws and how that was a little surprising.

Click here to listen.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brooks, Maher and News

Former Adelaide 36ers teammate and now executive producer/analyst Kevin Brooks has been onto me worse than a hemorrhoid about using my blog to promote his show "Inside The Game".

If you have not dropped by this program, maybe today is the day. You can catch KB, triple Olympian Brett Maher and three time NBL championship winning coach Phil Smythe every Friday evening at 6pm Adelaide time.

If you are busy reading this site at that time, you can go back later and view the program online at a more suitable time slot.

I'm hoping KB has enough bandwidth available that will allow him to cater to the influx of traffic he will receive after this massive plug.

Hopefully this should take care of my hemorrhoid problem now.


- Tonight will see the Townsville Crocodiles take on the Gold Coast Blaze in Round 4 of NBL action. If you cannot make it to the game because of geographical difficulties or some other reason but will be close to a computer, click here to watch the game. (There is a $5 fee for the game.)

- If you ask me, it was only going to be a matter of time before the out of form Melbourne Tigers made a move and tinkered with their roster.

Their hand has been forced now as journeyman Ben Knight is done for the season after rupturing a tendon in his right knee Wednesday night against the Blaze.

I'm not sure how many points the Tigers have to play with, but I'm saying their philosophy of an All Australian lineup is about to go out the window.

- Colourful Kiwi coach Jeff Green will look at the Southland head coaching job if they are serious about winning.

- My former Gonzaga teammate and former NBL MVP Paul Rogers is set to retire from basketball.

'Rogey" has been battling a variety of injuries over the past few seasons.

Good luck to you Paul in whatever you do, and congratulations on a great career.

- Cairns Taipan Head Coach Aaron Fearne is getting after players in a bid to get them ready for the challenges that lay ahead of them in the upcoming weeks.

- CJ Bruton and his New Zealand Breakers travel to take on the Wollongong Hawks and Ty McKee. This one on one match up should be worth the price of admission alone.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perth Wildcats vs Gold Coast Blaze

Thanks to my Perth corespondent "Big Mike", you can view the entire Wildcats/Blaze Round 3 clash right here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Team Of The Week - Round 3

Corey "Homicide" Willims was on fire during Round 3, but 36ers John Gilchrist had the last laugh.

I have been tossing and turning in my sleep over the past few nights because I'm going to have to (already) stray from my rules.

John Gilchrist: PG Adelaide 36ers

It was dubbed the match up of the round, and the fans in Adelaide who showed up were rewarded as Corey Williams and John Gilchrist went toe to toe for the entire game.

Gilchrist got the last laugh as he scored the last five 36er points with the game winner coming with 1.9 seconds remaining.

Gilchrist finished with 21pts, 5 rebs and 3 assists.

Any time someone makes a game winner and controls his team for most of the game, will get the nod at the one spot.

CJ Bruton: SG Breakers

With Kirk Penney out and an undefeated Melbourne Tigers in town, CJ just reminded everyone that he is the sheriff in this league at the point position.

Everyone is talking about Williams, Gilchrist and Wollongong Hawk Ty McKee, but Bruton dropped a lazy 32 on the Tigers just to remind everyone he isn't too bad either.

Up until the third quarter it seemed the Tigers would coast to an easy win and the Breakers would slump to a third loss in a row but Bruton wanted none of that as he lead from the front.

Until Bruton slows or someone else can lead their team to the ultimate prize, all the others are fighting for the title of Deputy.

Corey "Homicide" Williams: SF Crocs

Yes, Williams will be the exception this week as he nearly averaged a triple double over two games.

He was named the NBL's Player of the Week, so it is hard to go past his effort.

For the weekend Williams averaged 25.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and 8.0 assists as his Crocs went 1-1 and lost their second straight game on the buzzer against the 36ers.

Williams had a fourth quarter he would rather forget in Round 2 against the Perth Wildcats and he did just that as he nearly registered the first triple double of the NBL season.

I look for Williams to be at his knifing best against the Gold Coast Blaze this weekend.

Shawn Redhage: PF Wildcats

I watched Redhage against the Crocs the week before and he looked out of sorts. It was the first time I had seen this with him since he was dumped by the New Zealand Breakers in their infant stages.

Entry "The Jungle". Redhage tore the Blaze a new one on his way to a season high 32 (11-17fgs), 4 boards and a couple of assists.

Is he back to his best? We will find out this weekend as he takes on the 36ers in Perth. Nothing beats a little home cooking.

Adam Ballinger: C 36ers

I thought of Cairns Taipan guard Skip Mills here for a second, as I watched him beast the Gold Coast Blaze on the boards during the nationally televised game last week.

Instead I stuck with traditional lineup and went with the ranga Adam Ballinger.

He was solid without being flash as he posted 24 points and 4 boards against the Crocs in a win.

It seems the Ballinger has put his first game blues behind him as his last two outings have been what we have come to expect of the former Michigan State National Championship winner.