Friday, October 16, 2009

Brooks, Maher and News

Former Adelaide 36ers teammate and now executive producer/analyst Kevin Brooks has been onto me worse than a hemorrhoid about using my blog to promote his show "Inside The Game".

If you have not dropped by this program, maybe today is the day. You can catch KB, triple Olympian Brett Maher and three time NBL championship winning coach Phil Smythe every Friday evening at 6pm Adelaide time.

If you are busy reading this site at that time, you can go back later and view the program online at a more suitable time slot.

I'm hoping KB has enough bandwidth available that will allow him to cater to the influx of traffic he will receive after this massive plug.

Hopefully this should take care of my hemorrhoid problem now.


- Tonight will see the Townsville Crocodiles take on the Gold Coast Blaze in Round 4 of NBL action. If you cannot make it to the game because of geographical difficulties or some other reason but will be close to a computer, click here to watch the game. (There is a $5 fee for the game.)

- If you ask me, it was only going to be a matter of time before the out of form Melbourne Tigers made a move and tinkered with their roster.

Their hand has been forced now as journeyman Ben Knight is done for the season after rupturing a tendon in his right knee Wednesday night against the Blaze.

I'm not sure how many points the Tigers have to play with, but I'm saying their philosophy of an All Australian lineup is about to go out the window.

- Colourful Kiwi coach Jeff Green will look at the Southland head coaching job if they are serious about winning.

- My former Gonzaga teammate and former NBL MVP Paul Rogers is set to retire from basketball.

'Rogey" has been battling a variety of injuries over the past few seasons.

Good luck to you Paul in whatever you do, and congratulations on a great career.

- Cairns Taipan Head Coach Aaron Fearne is getting after players in a bid to get them ready for the challenges that lay ahead of them in the upcoming weeks.

- CJ Bruton and his New Zealand Breakers travel to take on the Wollongong Hawks and Ty McKee. This one on one match up should be worth the price of admission alone.

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