Monday, October 12, 2009

NBL Teams Are Discovering The Use Of The Internet

It is good to see that some of the NBL franchises are taking it upon themselves to promote their team and their players personality (maybe a little too much from you Kevin Lisch but I heard Itialian Martin Cattilini was very disappointed that you beat him out for the international correspondent role.).

First we have the Perth Wildcats getting creative with a news style You Tube program. I just hope Lisch has some thick skin as I'm sure some interstate crowds will be waiting for him.

Stephen Weigh has found his job after basketball. I can see him anchoring the news in Rockhampton once a 12 year NBL career winds down.

I cannot wait for Brad Robbins weather report when Corey "Homicide" Williams comes to town.

This next video is a highlights package from the Wollongong Hawks and Cairns Taipans game from Round 3.

Everyone was pumping up the Hawks rookie Tim Coenraad's tip jam in this game. It makes the highlights, but it is no Dunk of the Year like some people are saying.

While on the subject of NBL franchises creating their own media avenues, if you want to reach the masses, just drop me an e-mail at and I will give it a run, right here.


Michael From Perth said...

The Wildcats Videa is actually something they are doing at Half Time during Home Games. It was a nice touch and it was good to hear from Mike Ellis.

As for media there's a big one you've missed from the 'Cats. The entire Wildcats and Gold Coast Game is online at the link below, including full commentary.

Dodge Taylor said...

Yup, as much as I like Timmy "dunk of the year" is a laughable suggestion. I doubt that was even dunk of the year so far and we've only had 3 rounds.

PS. I knew it wouldn't be too long before comment moderation got turned on. LOL

ClintDogg said...

"drop me an e-mail at"

I HAVE DONE THIS PLENTY OF TIMES and you wont accept my challenge or give me props.

2on2? John Allie card on eBay?. NBL Video show called the "T.O."?. None of these ring a bell?.

gocrocs said...

i'm not sure if the Wildcats can keep up the humour for the whole season - WOW!

That was weird...

gocrocs said...

maybe there's a hint in there for you Clint Dogg?

LachieGaff said...

Great to see clubs using Online Media to promote the game - and good on you JR for advertising them.
(good on you also for ignoring the pest's challenges - turning on comment moderation and disabling anonymous posts was a wise decision)