Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ingles vs Nielsen & Griffin Injury

I come across this footage of Joe Ingles on his on Facebook page. He has been pumping up his own tyres all day.

First it was his broken tooth, now he is happy driving right and finishing over fellow Aussie Matt Nielsen.

Watch carefully as Ingles give Nielsen a little head rub, but it "Nitro" that got the last laugh with the win.

The other big play of the day is 2009 NBA #1 draft pick Blake Griffin has not been able to side step the Los Angles Clippers curse.

With a routine block at one end, followed with a dunk at the other, Griffin will miss up to six weeks with a broken knee cap.


ClintDogg said...

Now this is a good post.

Good vid.

NBL BooYah.

gocrocs said...

haha loved it Jingy!

i bet there was a fair bit of smack talking after the game...