Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can We Follow The Rules?

If the NBL brought in rules about social media avenues, this could be Chris Anstey asking the question.

Last night when I sat down on the Laz-E-Boy (yep, fully reclined) getting ready to watch some high quality basketball on Fox Sports, the first words I hear when the hoops came on was something along the lines of, "We have to speak quietly because the national anthem is being played."

I certainly do not have a problem with the anthem being played, but I had just read the week before that the NBL would be going to a 'standardised game presentation' and Advance Australia Fair would not be part of the presentation.

So much for the rules.

This has been an issue that has been around the league for decades. At the beginning of every year, the head office will say that this is how we want things presented, teams will have access to the court at this time, etc,etc but clubs give it the nonchalant nod of the head, then go on their own merry program.

Although it sounds petty, if the NBL is to begin to move forward in a positive direction they need to pull these disobedient franchises back into line. I could only imagine what approach CEO of the AFL Andrew Demtriou would have taken if a AFL club took matters into their own hands.

You can fix this behaviour very easily. Fine the clubs for this inconsiderate behaviour. Clubs are not flush with funds right now so hurt them in the hip pocket. The message will get across pretty quickly.

NBA Commissioner David Stern rules with an iron fist. It works, but you need to be able to follow through with strong repercussions.

For way too long clubs have been able to manipulate league protocol.

The time for change is now.

Another point I noticed during last night's Melbourne Tigers/New Zealand Breakers class, was injured Tigers centre Chris Anstey was going hell for leather on his phone at one stage early in the game.

Was he texting, Tweeting or Facebooking?

I'm not sure, but this behaviour would not fly in the NBA.


Isaac said...

If the NBL fined the Melbourne Tigers for playing the national anthem, can you imagine the media repercussions? It would be an easy "Can you believe it?!" story across the country and the haters would be out in force.

Far better to really, really encourage clubs and go with your points of making the change and having everyone sign on. I don't know that they can follow through without damaging the league, to be honest.

Symon said...

The sooner the NBL is rid of Seamus McPeak the better... he is not a team player and cannot see past his own whims for the good of the whole

ClintDogg said...

And who will Police this? Some1 from the club?. As if they will report their own team/club and fine them.

This is laughable.

ClintDogg said...

Ive also been saying 4 ages now that "Any1 who chats in forums or on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook etc while they are at a game is a total nerd and geek".

Good 2 see the NBA is up on things regarding this.

Its either YOUR AT THE GAME watching and enjoying it, or your AT HOME ON YOUR COMPUTER twittering and logging in and posting.

Redshifter said...

Geez I miss Steve Carfino. Maybe BT will grow on me, but I grew tired of the "Big / Tall Fella" commentary pretty quickly. A classic line from last night - someone potted a 3 point attempt but had it waved away due to a travel call. BT says - " It doesn't matter Drew, his foot was on the (3 point) line, it wouldn't have counted anyway!" Well, yes it would have as a 2 point basket...... Please FOX, bring back Steve - we loved him.

P.s. it was great to see Wortho fire up, if only for three ends....