Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preview The Rest Of Round 3

A random but cool pix of former Sydney King Dantye Draper hanging with friend Carmelo Anthony as they travel with the Denver Nuggets during the NBA preseason.

Well I found out (thanks to Facebook) that I have an interested reader that drops by everyday from the States. One of my former college teammates (Martin Wall IV aka Big House) at Gonzaga University has no idea of most names associated with the league but he is trying to educate himself on the NBL via my blogging. Good luck there.

So here I go with my preview of remaining Round 3 games. I just hope it has an educational component to it for "Big House".

New Zealand Breakers (1-2) vs Melbourne Tigers (1-0)

The Tigers are starting the season with a double dose of the Breakers, while the Sheep Shaggers are trying to snap a two game losing streak.

With an injury cloud over Kirk Penney (likely to miss) can the Breakers find enough points to get past the rested Tigers?

Penney has been averaging 22pts per game while leading the team with 4 assists a game. That is a lot of offensive production from one guy.

In a quick word, I feel the Tigers while have too much fire power all round for the Breakers to deal with.

No doubt CJ Bruton can explode for a huge game, but the Tigers will make him work hard for everything he gets, so who else will give them offensive for the whole game?

Maybe this is the opportunity import Awvee Storey has been waiting for. He seems to be very much in cruise mode but with the lose of Penney maybe he smells greater opportunity.

I just think the Mark Worthington/Sam Mackinnon combo is a tough cover for any team, let alone the sieve like defense of the Breakers.

Tigers by a baker's dozen for me, although they will miss Nathan Crosswell who is out with a bung toe (Just for you Big House, get your Aussie dictionary out).

Perth Wildcats (1-2) vs Gold Coast Blaze (1-2)

All the so called experts have both these teams making the playoffs. There current form would argue differently, and rightly so. Both teams have been well below par.

The Blaze travel west after getting a touch up at the hands of the Cairns Taipans on Big Wednesday. (boxscore)

On the other hand, the Wildcats play their first home game of the season at "The Jungle". I'm guessing the "Red Sea" faithful will test new kid(s) on the block (Big House's favourite 90's band) Erron Maxey out early.

Both teams are in a desperate need of a win so this will become a scrappy affair. The Blaze are struggling offensively at the moment so they need former Wildcat James Harvey firing all game. Chris "The Machine" Goulding will need to show he is more than a two minute man if the Blaze are to score more than 70 points.

Maxey looked good without being spectacular in his debut against the Taipans but the guy who needs to let a few fly is Pero Cameron. Yes, he is playing unselfish basketball but he needs to get some up so he becomes more than a passer on offense.

For the Wildcats, Paul Rogers is out for a few weeks with his dickey elbow, so small ball will be forced upon the Cats.

This will become a blessing in disguise as Shawn Redhage will find his groove as there will be more room for him to slash his way to the basket or foul line with a smaller lineup on.

Perth fans get ready for their new gun rookie Jesse Wagstaff. You guys will love the way he plays.

For mind, Perth will get the cash as their depth will wear the Blaze down.

Adelaide 36ers (1-1) vs Townsville Crocodiles (1-1)

Once again the media has done a fantastic job of building this one up. Adelaide media is saying that their new import, John Gilchrist, is Corey "Homicide" Williams with a jumpshot, while the northern media is saying there will be a double homicide. That does not sound like it will end well.

The key to this game could be how long Rolan Roberts can stay in the game. Whether he is matched up on Matt Burston or Adam Ballinger, there are dangers attached to both regarding Roberts picking up fouls.

It looks like Peter Crawford will get his opportunity to shine as inform guard Michael Cedar looks destined to be sidelined for a little while with a badly damaged wheel.

You cannot go past the 36ers on the Brett Maher Court, unless Williams can handcuff Gilchrist.

Melbourne Tigers vs Townsville Crocodiles

Both teams are backing up for their second game of the weekend but the Crocs have less than a 24 hour turn around.

I have really no feel for this one except I'm sensing a lot of zone from the Crocodiles in this one.

Until the Crocs show they can win on the road consistently, I'm with the home team Tigers.

Big House, if you have any input for this game, please feel free to add your two cents worth.

Wollongong Hawks (1-1) vs Cairns Taipans (3-1)

The game of the round is between these two franchises? Who would have thought that either of these teams would be traveling so well right now.

Skip Mills told us on Fox Sports that he is looking forward to his "premier" match up with Ty McKee. Be careful for what you wish for Skip.

Can Cameron Tragardh, Larry Davidson and David Gruber match Ian Crosswhite, Dusty Rychart and Rich Melzer? I don't think so but they need to at least match them.

Glen Saville and Mat Campbell will need to do a job on Phill Jones, otherwise the Kiwi two guard looks like he is ready to explode for 40.

The matchup of the two point guards will be exciting but this one will be won down in the trenches.

Hawks at home, but if the Taipans win, how many bandwagon supporters will they gain?


JAOnFire said...

Gonzaga this Gonzaga that. Never heard of the place until i read this blog.

GET OVER IT. It was years ago now.


JR thanks for the birthday message. Now when will a NBL team/media entity realise you need to be involved with the game in some capacity. I'm seriously baffled!