Friday, October 23, 2009

Recap & News

NBL's Round 5 has gotten underway and the television audience has been spoiled as both games have been broadcast, (we have been put on pause for the remainder of the round) so here are some of my thoughts from the first two games.

Adelaide 36ers vs Melbourne Tigers 70-81

- Is it just me, or does it seem the Adelaide 36ers are only going to go as far a John Gilchrist can take them? Glichrist had a rather quiet night (9pts, 6rebs, 1 ass) and to date it seems when his production is high across the board, the 36ers are a different team to play.

- Centre Matt Burston is a difference maker for the 36ers but if the centre is not healthy for the majority of the games, has then gamble paid off. Remember, Burston has become accustomed to the odd injury over his career.

- Mark Worthington tore the 36ers defense for a new one with 29 points for the game, but I felt it was Sam MacKinnon's impact in the fourth quarter that helped the Melbourne Tigers gain the ascendancy.

Mackinnon (7pts, 8rebs, 4ass, 3st) had several steals that led to transition baskets and then in the half court his penetration created a lot of the open shots for 'Wortho'.

- Neither team shot the ball well (both were at 40%) in this game, so turnovers become crucial. The 15-7 count against Adelaide was a difference maker in this one. JAcob Holmes with 5 was the main offender.

New Zealand Breakers vs Townsville Crocodiles 92-82

- Has Corey Williams learnt his lesson about making comments about other imports. Williams made comment about the Breakers import pairing of Rick Rickert and Awvee Storey. Here is how they responded to the negative comments.

Rickert - 16pts, 18rebs, 5 ass
Storey - 22pts, 4rebs

Williams himself had 3 fouls in the first 6 minutes of play that really limited his impact on the game.

- 26 assists on 33 field goals for the Breakers means there was a lot of sharing going on. CJ Bruton had 9 and backup point guard Paul Henare had 6.

- Rolan Roberts just cannot help himself to some cheap fouls. The big man needs to not be so aggressive in what I would call "50-50" plays. Although he is being aggressive, the likelihood of him coming up with the ball instead of a foul is high risk stuff.

- Crocs big men (Roberts, Russell Hinder, Stephen Hoare and Jeff Dowdell) combined for 4 rebounds.


- Former NBL commentator Don Lane dies.

- Nathan Jawai, traded again. The Bamaga product needs to stick with it until he finds a team that will give him a chance.

- The Melbourne Tigers are looking to stay All-Australian.

- Gold Coast Blaze import Erron Maxey is ready to rumble this time against the Cairns Taipans.


Snoop Wogg said...

Homicide 3 in the first 6 minutes??? When will NBL coaches learn, 2 fouls in the 1st you sit. 3rd picked up in the 2nd qtr you sit til half time. Virtually destroyed the Crocs chances by letting him pick up his 3rd foul early.

ClintDogg said...

HomOcide signaled to the bench "nah im cool", and stayed in the game. Does he think he owns that team or something?.

Crocs deserved to be beaten after all the trash talking HomOcide did b4 the game, we are in AUSTRALIA, not the Streets of AND1 or the Bronx.

jake said...

How about Liam Rush for the Tigers?
He's still in Perth.