Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Week of Missed Opportunity

The race for playoff positions are really hotting up, but the last week only tightened it more. All teams trying to snag the fourth seed failed to establish or claw their way towards securing that spot.

Ourselves, we only have to look in the mirror to see who to blame. The game against the Hawks was probably our worst of the season. I will be able to confirm this after practice as we will be watching the game in its entirety.

Perth seemed to lead for most of the game against the Tigers, but came up short by a point. A win here would have helped the Wildcats big time in moving up. This is a team we cannot afford to be tied with at the end of the season. They have the split on us.

Cairns could not get a rare road win in Melbourne so they remained idle on the ladder for another week. They play Brisbane New Year's Eve night, so once again like us, they have a chance to move up with a win.

New Zealand took Sydney to overtime but came up short at the end. Once again, they led most of the way, but the Kings made more plays when required.

Gold Coast had the best chance to put their hand up, but ran into a Bullets team seeking revenge from a loss the night before. The Blaze play us New Year's Eve which is the first of three remaining games between these two Queensland franchises. This series is going to have a large bearing on how the playoff position end up.

For now the ladder remains the same as it did before these last games started. Only difference is some teams may be looking over their shoulder as Adelaide is making a late run for the playoffs.

With the season beginning to wind down, teams need to start mounting their charge for a top four position, otherwise time will beat all to the finish line. This last month of games are going to be rippers, I can only hope we (the Crocs) make the most of the opportunity presented.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Homicide Gets Up To Off Court

Quite often we as players get asked what will you do once your career has ended? This is a question that some players can answer and have a plan in place, while others are more incline to wait and see.

The fortunate thing up here in Townsville players get to experiment a little and find out what hidden talents we have or lack.

Corey Williams is one of those players that has been given the green light to experiment in front off the TV camera. I have linked a few episodes of his work. I would love to hear what you have to say, so I can pass on your feedback!

Even one week Daniel Egan took over for the absent "Homicide".

In the upcoming week I will have some footage to show you guys of what I get up to in my spare time.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Will Be MVP?

My criteria for the MVP will differ a little from the way the NBL judges it. First the player who wins needs to be from one of the top 4 teams. (We do not need a Brian Whethers situation on our hands.) Also, you have to picture how this team would perform without this guy in your lineup.

#1. Chris Anstey. Very much like last years winner Sam MacKinnon, if this guy wants it, it is his for the taking. And the way he has been playing of late, he wants the new Hummer on offer. Whether it is putting the nail in the coffin via a three or an offensive tip, he can impact the game at the defensive end. Through a block or a rebound how many times does it seem Darryl Corletto finishes the play with a spot up three.

If the Tigers do not fall into a coma, they will finish in the Top 4 somewhere and Anstey will win his second MVP trophy in three years.

#2. Ebi Ere. This guy could not wait for MacKinnon to go under the knife so he could show off his skills and get out from behind Slammin Sam's and CJ's shadow.

Offensively he has been consistently carrying the Bullets load. Settle CJ, yes you come through too, but your wing man has been doing it in style. He has even been grabbing a few boards as well.

If the Bullets mount a run for a top 2 spot, Ebi will have an influence on that and the MVP voting.

#3. Mark Worthington. He has been the best/consistent player on the best team. You have to reward this. He has shown he can bring his offense every night when needed and win games through his determination.

What may hurt him is if he was to miss games the Kings have players that can step up their productivity. Saville comes to mind here.

If the gap between the Kings and Bullets/Tigers narrows this will hurt Worthington and his cause for an MVP season.

Other that may get votes, but their team needs to string some wins.

Kirk Penney: No doubt this guy has helped bring some respectability to the Breakers, but they also brought in Ronaldson, Jones and two imports to help their cause.

Shaun Redage: He got out of the blocks fast and created some hype, but with the Wildcats falling back in the pack, both he and his team need a strong finish to the season to get him over the line.

Corey Williams: "Homicide" exploded on the scene and has caught the attention of many and even some not involved in the basketball circles. He has been good for the NBL and opposition crowds.

To help his cause the Crocs need to finish in the top 4 and he needs to leave those 2/17 shooting nights on the streets of New York for the remainder of the season.

We finish in the top 4 and some of the names mentioned above slow, Townsville citizens better watch out for Corey cruising the streets in his new rig.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Should The League Do

This week the Wollongong Hawks have come out and said they need a financial lifeline, otherwise they will be on the scrap heap. It is always disappointing for a league not to be able to sustain all teams, but is it time for the league to get serious and trim the league?

Every off season for the last few that I can remember, there is always anticipation as to whether a team or two will survive. Just look at last off season, the Razorbacks made it within minutes of their deadline, while Ben Knight had too wait all off season to see if he had a team and who his teammates would be in Singapore.

I believe the time is right for the NBL to trim the league and point the ship in the right direction so its future can brighten. Now is the right time because we have just completed the "Revue" so the power end of this show should know exactly the shape of basketball in this country. (I just hope they have some new ideas as to how to improve this great sport.)

People will say it is harsh to eliminate teams, but we need a strong product out in the market place. Sure there are not as many opportunities for players, but a strong product will attract the things (free to air TV, merchandise, ticket sales, sponsors dollars) the league is missing to generate good revenue.

It would be great for a white knight to present themself and solve all the issues at hand, but the reality of this is, you are a better chance of seeing me throw one down on Simon Dwight.

I know many a fan and person involved with this great sport have talked and debated the right way to help resurrect the sport, but if anything, now is the time to act and try and rectify the situation. Trimming the league into a stronger product may just be the place to start.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Disappointing..What Else Can I Say

Yes, I choked. What a great opportunity shooting last in the qualifier last night. Knowing the score to beat to get to the final, I could not have asked for a better situation. I was very confident that a score of around 20 was coming when I stepped up.

When I look back on what happened, it was very similar to Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, but you move on. You cannot let one incident/indiscretion fog what reality is. I'm a great shooter and I get to prove that for the rest of the season.

I cannot wait to get to practice later today because I know my teammates will give it to me, but they better be ready as I have a little built up frustration to get rid of.

Congrats to Troy DeVries for winning the Shoot Out. I look forward to crossing paths with him in another event such as this.

As for the game itself. You could sense that the Aussie team had a little better cohesion on the court which allowed them to build a comfortable lead and coast for most of the game.

My observations from the game:

- Stephen Black lite Corey "Homicide" Williams up like a Christmas tree. Sitting courtside I could hear Williams calling out to Galen Young for help on several occassions.

- Larry "Birdman" Abney had a solid game, but his most important stat had a donut last night. Zero "Birdman's". If you are a Abney fan though, look for his "Sky's the Limit" DVD. Travel with Larry through his tours of the world with hoops.

- Corey Williams was involved in 131 post game interviews last night. Yes there was a lot of media at the game but Williams conducted 125 interviews on his own handycam. Look for all those one on one interviews to hit YouTube soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why I Will Win!

It is almost 24 hours until the Three Point Shoot Out makes a return to the All Star Game. And I'm in it to win it. Here are five reasons that will see me become victorious at this event.

1. Chris Anstey will be falling over looking for a call on every third shot. I have never seen a foul called in this contest, EVER. I don't think it will start tomorrow either. This rules him out.

2. Troy DeVries. A real unknown to me, but he loves a pump fake when he comes off those screens. Too many pump fakes will not allow him to get enough shots off.

3. James Harvey. Would be very dangerous if you only had to shoot fade aways from the corner. Unlucky for James, there will be three other spots to shoot from.

4. Kirk Penney. I am not doubting this guys sweet stroke and scoring ability, but I cannot see him getting through all 25 shots. This will cost him unless he shoots an unbelievable percentage.

5. CJ Bruton. The real unknown in the field for a contest like this. Does CJ really want to shoot in this competition? I'm not sure, plus he will want to redo his hair at half time of the main game.

As Charles Barkley said, " I may be wrong, but I doubt it!"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Is The Top Eight Already Decided

Let's just say the All Star game this week marks the half way point of the season, can we safely say the top 8 teams for the playoffs has been decided? I think so.

All teams in the top 8 are at .500 or better win/lose percentage, (tell me when that has last happened), so I cannot see any movement inside or out of that. I'm sure West Sydeney (7-10) will argue they still have a chance to make it and the door is not completely shut for Adelaide (6-9).

The way I see it is the top 8 have been playing solid basketball up to this point, and I don't see any of those teams falling in a big enough hole to see them drop out of the eight.

Moving onto the top 8 teams though, anything can happen with the final positions. I will hand the Kings the minor premiership now, and the rest of us can squabble over the remaining seven spots. The Kings are humming along to well to cough up top spot.

As for the rest, it becomes a chook raffle. The Breakers are beginning to see how life is with injury, and they have a plethora of road games remaining against top eight teams. The new boys on the block, Gold Coast Blaze, are travelling along nicely at the moment, but I think their schedule is heavily loaded against fellow top 8 teams.

As for us we control our own destiny because we play enough games against teams in a similar situation. 3 against the Blaze, 2 against the Taipans, 1 in Wildcat territory, Bullets at home etc. So if we are to propel ourselves into the top 4, we have to beat the teams that have the same goal in mind.

It is hard to believe we are already over half way through the season. For my knowledge the top 8 is set, but a mad scramble for playoff positions is well and truly alive. Over the next two months there will be a lot of jostling for positions to see who can challenge Sydney for a championship.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Day for Aussies-NCAA

Aussie Aaron Baynes gets dirty for WSU

Today saw many of our Aussies in the USA have big games in college. We will start with Aaron Baynes. The north Queensland kid is playing on one of the best teams in America right now. Washington State is ranked 8th in the nation and Baynes is a key for this squad. They defeated my team, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, 18th in the nation, in a low scoring affair, 51-47. Washington St are a "D" team, so a scoreline like this usually sees them win. Baynes contributed 13 points and seven rebounds, but nine of his points came in the deciding second half.

Andrew Ogilvy who plays for the 23rd ranked Vanderbilt Commodores had another productive game for his squad. 23 points to go along with five rebounds will see his NBA stock keep rising.

Alec Maric filled the statline with another double double. 17pts and 13rebs. As I said earlier on in the year, this guy is a smokey for the Beijing team.

Utah Utes Aussie, Luke Nevill dropped 20 and 14 on Utah St today. I have never really seen this kid play so I cannot comment too much, but he has been putting up good numbers in his time over there. Another Aussie on this squad, Stephen Weigh, was back in the line up.

There were other Aussies in play, but these guys could my eye with their stats. To find out how all went, find the boxscores here.

Here is a copy of my weekly article that appears in the Townsville Bulletin.

Homicide deflated

THERE is no question Corey Williams has been a great addition to this year's team for a variety of reasons.
Williams has been tearing it up around the NBL since his arrival in the Sunshine State and has kept our beloved fans entertained on and off the court with his skill and wit.
However, even Superman has his kryptonite and last week Corey's nemesis was uncovered.
Poor `Homicide' found himself high and dry on the streets of Townsville after our team shoot-around on Saturday when he came face to face with the dreaded flat tyre.
No, that is not the name of the next big bad guy in a Disney flick, he really just had a flat tyre.
Who would have anticipated that this street-savvy guy from the mean streets of New York would be afraid to get his hands dirty by changing a little tyre?
Never fear fans, after several phone calls, our hero finally found someone to rescue him.
The best part of this story is that `Homicide' was just around the corner from my house when he was `struck down' and I never received one of those calls for help.
Hmmm, do you think it was because he didn't want the incident to be in print the following week?
Note to Corey: Something that good will always find its way to the column.
It is just the level of embellishment required that varies if I am not allowed on the scene.
While I am picking on players this week, I might as well give Daniel Egan some time.
You may have seen a van around town with an advertisement on the side for what looks like a mobile dating service, featuring Daniel and his partner Kirby Dalgleish (who you may recognise as a member of our WNBL team, the Fire).
Do not be alarmed, Daniel has not quit his day job with the Crocs in the hope of helping the lovelorn of the twin cities.
These vans are just promotional tools for his individual sponsor and friend, Mike Buck and his fan business – although `Ask Dan the Fan Man how he keeps his relationship cool!' does have a certain ring to it.
Something to think about for life after basketball, Eages.
Last, but certainly not least, don't forget we play the Singapore Slingers on Saturday night.
If anyone sees Corey pulled over by the side of the road on their way to the game, please pull over and help him out.
We need our point guard at The Swamp by tip-off.

NBA Top Ten Plays: Sorry to say, Bogut gets dunked on.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Elton John Concert

Just some locals enjoying the night .........................Best radio duo...Smithy and JR????

Sir Elton

Last night Sir Elton John hit Townsville for a one time only performance. Held out at Dairy Farmers Stadium, the 22000 strong crowd was treated to a great performance.

Not the biggest fan in the world, but after seeing this act, I may be enticed into buying one of his CD's if they are in the cheap bins. It was a performance that I will remember for a long time. You have to appreciate how he can tickle the ivory.

I happen to have some exclusive footage of some of the songs. Hopefully later today or early tomorrow this should be available for viewing. IT IS NOW UP. LOOK BELOW FOR LINKS!

Well, before I get back to basketball practice, it is National Volunteer Day, so myself and Homicide Williams are off to the hospital to lend a hand.

Quick tip for punters today, look for the Dragons to upset the Blaze tonight. You can catch the action on Fox Sports Live. (Not the best tip I have given!)

Back to the concert. I have done downloaded some small footage of certain performances. First one goes out to Brad Newley. (If you do not get it..think draft day..this was his theme song.) Second piece goes out to all Crocs fans, especially our dedicated Mascot. He waited all night for this one.

Tonight's Boxscores: blaze v dragons hawks v slingers

NBA Top Ten Plays: not sure about No 1?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Movember is Done...New Month for Crocs

As of last Friday Movember came to an end. I must say all Crocs that took part in the charity did a great job of sticking to the task. I parted with the "Hawk" while Ben Pepper had a full clean shave for the first time in years. He looks an old 32 now.

The Crocs soldiered through November with a 5-3 record. Not the greatest in the world, but considering that we only played two home games and had two weekends where we had back to back games, it was good to get back to .500 basketball.

Our schedule for the remainder of the season becomes very user friendly for the Crocs. Of our 13 games left in the regular season, 9 are at home. With the way games are going (see Singapore vs Bullets) nothing is a sure thing in this league, so if we can continue to build on our last month's work, who knows where we might just finish.

Yeah, yeah...there is a lot of season to go and it can always go the other way as well, but right now we have good momentum (last five of six have been wins) and the reassurance that we have all those home games.

The regular season is already half over for the Crocs, but I like the fact we are still very much building momentum.


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Sunday, December 2, 2007

When Will Athletes Learn?

I am one athlete who believes that today's sportsman lives under a very large and sometimes unfair microscope. We can all debate this topic till we are blue in the face, but there are some incidents that cannot be favourable however you look at them for the athlete.

The incident I'm talking about is the Western Force Rugby Team that had a preseason gathering over on Rottnest Island, just off of the Perth coastline. Read here to get updated on incident:

Today I watched the press conference of the sentences to these players being handed down. As usual the players involved talked about alcohol being the cause of the problem. Sure, alcohol is going to be consumed at these preseason get togethers, but you still have to know right from wrong.

Now I have not been to Rottnest Is before ( I hope to one day) but I have seen enough advertising on this destination to know that these gritters are out of bounds. Happy snaps are the closest you can get to them.

I will go out on a limb and say the Western Force as a group would have been addressed about the rules and regulations of the Island. One of them would have been, DO NOT HANDLE QUOKKAS!

Boys being boys, or is that men being men, decided to turn this into a bi-athlon of sorts. Trapping an animal in a milk crate is a cool event when you are eight, especially here in the north with he cane toad. After trapping, lets move onto the hammer throw.

It was good to see the club deal with it internally, so the players should know exactly where they stand if another offense occurs.

The problem I have with this incident is, no matter what kind of state you are in, you should know that what you are about to do is wrong. Throw in the idea that a tourist or two visit this place and you may just get caught out by one.

Until the number of these types of mishaps become extinct, it is going to be hard for the microscope to be lifted.

NBA Top Ten Plays:

NBL Boxscores: hawks v blaze taipans v dragons kings v tigers 36ers v pigs crocs v wildcats

NCAA Boxscore: WSU vs Baylor
This game was played on ESPN today. It featured two of Australia's best over there. Aaron Baynes for the sixth ranked Washington State Cougars against Aaron Bruce's Baylor Bears.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What A Weekend Around the NBL

Just when you thought injuries could not get any worse, players are starting to drop like flies. New Zealand Breakers point guard Wayne Turner is gone for the year. He will be going under the knife. While we are talking knives, my ex teammate Sam MacKinnon went under the knife today. This will see him out of the Bullets line up for 4-6 weeks. Hope he has a speedy recovery. We need him at the Olympics.

Also, the other Breakers import Rick Rickett has to wait to see how his back responds to rest and treatment before the franchise may have a bigger decision to ponder. Do they replace him with another import. Craig Bradshaw and his injured ankle will be sidelined for a few more games, unless the Bullets are playing "silly buggers" about his injury. Bullets also are reporting the CJ Bruton had an MRI on his ankle and is in doubt for this week. Maybe CJ just wanted the day off practice. I guess I will find out how serious this is on Thursday night.

Remember, Brett Maher is out, along with Dave Thomas, Perth has their whole roster under injury cloud, Hawks Matt Campbell and Lindsay Tait have not seen action in weeks, and Martin Cattilini is gone for the year.

As I wrote a week or so ago, the last team standing may just be hoisting the championship trophy this season.

In other news, I will be interested to see what direction the Taipans go with their vacant import spot. With Rashad Tucker released and Catt out for the season which position will they fill. Do they fell like they need to help Larry Abney and Nathan Jawai out on the boards, or will they look for a replacement at the three.

I'm interested in this move purely because I feel they have adequate people in these positions already. They have Aaron Grabau and Gary Boodnikoff to fill the three and rest Stephen Black when he needs a sub, while I have always felt Matt Smith has flown under the radar. I'm not saying he is a star, but he always produces pretty good stats in his limited minutes.

I hope to have an answer soon.

In NCAA news, Alec Maric who attends Nebraska U had another monster game. He put up 30 points in 26 minutes today. On the NBL website the have an article talking about the possible prospects that may return to Australia next year. If he keeps putting up numbers close to this, Australia will just be a place to call home for this kid.

He is playing in one of the best conferences in the country and he had a solid junior year. I'm not sure if he is NBA, but he will get try-outs for sure, so my guess is we lose another talented player to Europe.

Watch this kid, as he could be the next NBA player from Australia and he may also sneak onto the Beijing Olympic team.

Today's NBA Top Ten: yao gets dunked on again

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rashad Tucker...Gone..NBA ALL STAR BALLOT

Word on the street has Rashad Tucker done in the far north. Was it injury or something else that has caused the Taipans to take action?

Just last week coach Alan Black said Rashad had been playing injured all season so he just needed to rest his groin.

If it is a short term injury you would think the club would not have a "knee jerk" reaction. The team had a good win in New Zealand on Thursday, so you would not think change is needed.

My sources say the Taipans have released him due to infringement of club policy. If this is true it will be interesting to see what the truth is once the smoke has cleared.

No one (Tucker or the Taipans) have made a comment as to what the exact problem was.

I will keep a close eye on the developments of this one.

This week the ballot come out for the NBA All Star Game. China spat the dummy a little as Bucks forward Yi was not on it.

Good news for the Aussies, Andrew Bogut, also of the Bucks, made it. All good and bad Aussies should go to and cast your vote. It is about time an Aussie got a run in this game.

With Orlando's Dwight Howard in some great early season form, it will be interesting to see if he beats Shaq or Bogut out for the starting centre's position. Shaq has had a mortgage on this position as the fans love the big fella but could they be swayed this year?

My lineup would be:
East: Billups, LeBron, Pierce, KG, Bogut
West: Davis, Kobe, McGrady, Dirk, Yao

You can always drop me a line and let me know who your squad would be!

Friday, November 23, 2007

All Star Game Dilemma

This week Perth Wildcats coach Scott Fisher has gone public saying he wants his players to be exempt from this year's annual All Star event. Read about it here:

I can understand Fisher's coach's view here but the game has to have the best players perform in it, if it is going to be a successful event. Shaun Redage is a early MVP candidate. He has to be there. If Alex Loughton gets the call up, I'm sure the rookie would love to appear in the game.

At this time of the year I'm sure if you polled all the coaches they would want their players to stay at home. This happens, the game is erased from the calender. Please find me a player who would not like to say they are an All-Star and I may begin to change my tune.

Now, if the NBL give the Wildcats exemption from this game, Chuck Harmison better expect his phone to be ringing of the hook as soon as the decision goes public. Coaches and CEO's from all teams will be hounding him for the same treatment.

We can all fire up about the timing of the game, but it should be on the NBL calender and we as a league need to "get over it" and just play.

It just so happens that we play the Wildcats after the All Star Game. We have Corey Williams playing in the game and I will be winning the three point shoot out so we cover a few miles in those days as well. After the game, we head back to Townsville on Thursday morning, practice that day. Come Friday we head over to Perth for the clash on Saturday.

Not ideal preparation but players need to service the league so it can provide the best possible entertainment to sell the sport. We all know, a good All Star game is a exciting entertainment package.

All players love to perform in an All Star Game, so I just hope the league sticks to its guns and this event only grows into a successful annual event.

Brad Newley Highlights from Greece:

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Boxscore: taipans v breakers

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mills Sets Record...And Crocs Win

Young Aussie Boomer, Patrick Mills, has set a school record for points by a freshman (1st year player) in a game. Playing for St Mary's College Mills lit up the Oregon Ducks for 37 points.;_ylt=AsUzcLl9i7yrGwplkLm1xkLevbYF?gid=200711200538&prov=ap

Oregon are/were ranked 11th in the nation so this is quite a good start for Mills. Playing in just his 4 game in the USA, reports had 7 NBA scouts at the game. Quite a good time for Mills to put his best foot forward. Here is video footage of the game.

There were two other Aussies involved in this game as well, Carlin Hughes and Lucas Walker, both for St Mary's. Australia and this college have a little history. Daniel Kickert played his college ball there as did former Crocs import, EJ Rowland. History books will also so Wollongong head coach Eric Cooks played his college ball there.
Also in action today were Andrew Ogilvy and Alec Maric. Here is a full schedule of boxscores for the day.

The Crocs had a solid win over the Tigers tonight. Once again the 107-81 win was sparked by "Homicide" Williams and his 31 points. I have to say though, it is our defense that has been creating a lot for us of late. Although Brad Sheridan did not trouble the scoreboard he had an influence on this game with his "D". "Rowdy" and his arms were everywhere.

We know hit the road again for our next two games, Adelaide and Brisbane. If we really want to make something of this season, we still need to prove that we can get good wins on the road, and against these teams, they would be good wins.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last Man Standing May Win

One look at the NBL standings and you will see that it is close. (Sure, I will excuse Sydney and Melbourne for now.) The team that gets its hands on the trophy at the end of the year may be the team with the most healthy bodies remaining on its roster come season's end.

Lets go down the line. Tigers are Thomasless for another month, Bullets are without the Big Mac...his return date is...well whenever Sam wants back, Adelaide are with out their inspiration...Maher, the Pigs sure wish they had Damien Martin somewhere in their sights..but he is done like pork crackling till next year, the Snakes have every body part covered on their roster, the Kiwi's have Turner out with a dicky knee, even the Hawks have been grounded with Campbell and Tait, head out west and Fisher has half his roster under an injury cloud, the Dragons even had their player/coach miss a few games, and the Crocs..well we have had our share of injuries to boot.

That leaves the Kings, Blaze and Slingers to battle with full rosters or is their turn coming.

Injuries are just part sport and the teams that handle this the best will be the ones that forge ahead as the season continues. Sure, you need to lick your wounds, but the sooner you get of the disappointment, the sooner the team will regroup and make the most of what it has.

Just two weeks ago we played with eight guys for two games. This is a players dream. The coach looks down the bench and the options are thin. A player should be licking his chops as he can play till his heart is content, and the coach has no other option but to play them. What a great situation.

It is disappointing when someone misses through injury, but opportunity is then presented to someone else to make the most of it.

The NBL champion this year may just be the team that takes that opportunity and runs with it.

NCAA News: Pat Mills and Gaels quick word on Bruce

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

MacKinnon Misinterpretting??

Anytime the Bullets and the Kings have squared off in the last few years there has always been a little media by play pregame. Both teams are excellent at using the media to try and gain an upper hand in how they would like the game to flow, in their favour.

Brian Goorijan and Joey Wright both use the media to send a message, and it is great to watch from afar. BUT now throw in league MVP Sam Mackinnon.

After their recent clash, MacKinnon made comment on how the Kings roughed up and cheap shot the Bullets. There is room for argument with these comments, (especially the attention CJ Bruton received) but Sammy Mac must have awoken one morning and realized his comments were directed at the coach who will be selecting the Boomers team for this upcoming Olympics.

Goorijan took offense to these comments and said it was up to the refs and their evaluators and commentators to decide if they were playing within the boundaries.

You can read Sam's new comments here:,23739,22766458-10389,00.html Now it is the players of the King's that have just taken it upon themselves to cheap shot!

I will endeavour to contact MacKinnon this week to see if he has changed his mind again!

One thing he did have right in the article, "his old mate" will win the three point shoot out at the All Star game.

Boxscores: breakers v hawks blaze v dragons kings v pigs wildcats v hawks 36ers v dragons breakers v taipans crocs v slingers

Thursday, November 15, 2007

All Star Game Taking Shape

The teams have been announced for the All Star game being held in Melbourne on Wednesday the 12th of December. You can find the line ups here.

There is no denying that the NBL is a guards league, but for the World team to have so few bigs named, I cannot see how they can come away with a win. Sure, Kavossy, Cortez and Ebi could all get hot, but who is going to get a rebound for this squad.

Sure they have Muursepp and Rickett but an All Star game is not played at their pace. Although Larry Abney is having a down year to date, he is suited to this style of game. His rebounding has been there and he runs the lanes hard. That adds up to success in an All Star game. Maybe the "Birdman" will get a call up from the reserves.

The game itself could end up a real shoot out if a few of the "Seppos" catch fire. I hope so because I will be in attendance and I want a show. Homicide needs to fire his guys up, otherwise it will be a long night and an extra looong flight back to Townsville.

Brad Newley is on fire over in Greece. This past weekend he went David Barlow on my old team AEK. He scored 32 on a perfect night. 4/4 for 2's and 8/8 from the land of plenty. His team is 3-1 but he has already been exposed to life in Europe. A fired import and coach and I'm sure a few more changes to come.

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NBL Boxscore: breakers vs hawks

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NCAA - Aussies Galore Today

I do not have the stats at my disposal, but I'm confident to say that today would have been a record day for Australians playing in NCAA Division 1 basketball.

First, there was 2008 Olympic hopeful Andrew Ogilvy of Vanderbilt putting up 20 points. Patrick Mills (St Mary's) tasted success along with his two fellow Aussies teammates. Utah has a couple of Down Under punters and Nicholls St has about five. Aaron Baynes of the No 9 Washington St Cougars and Daniel Dillon of Arizona played as well. I'm sure I have missed a few too. You can check out the boxscores here.


NBL Boxscore:

NBA Top Ten Plays: rudy gay says welcome to the nba, luis scola

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Croc Punters in the Gong

Crocs own Corey "Homicide" Williams has taken out the NBL POW award. For his troubles I can only hope Corey gets a signed, framed picture of this photo.

I know that every team has their hardcore fans that will follow them around to various away games. Well, last weekend a couple of loyal Croc fans treated themselves to a trip to Sydney and surrounding area to take in so serious hoops. If I remember correctly, the boys would take in three games during their trip to NSW.

As you can see from this footage that I filmed, these guys love their hoops and the Crocs. I hope to be present, with camera, when Galen Young gets to meet his biggest fan. Watch and enjoy as the boys joined us after the game!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Weekend

Well, the Crocs returned from their weekend away with two wins. Wollongong were the first victims, then the South Dragons ran into a red hot Homicide Williams. A near triple double (31pts, 13rebs, 7ass) by Williams and his performance the night before against the Hawks should see him win POW.

I must say though, it was Kelvin Robertson's three with a minute to go that was the real game breaker in that one. Trevor Gleeson drew up an out of bounds play with six seconds left on the shotclock. The play worked that well Kelvin found himself wide open. Knocking it down opened the game up by six. A handy margin at that stage of the game so all that was left was to knock down our free throws to close out the game.

A great result this weekend so I'm hoping this is the kick start that will get us playing a consistent game, week in, week out.

Is it just me, but doesn't it seem that injuries a coming at a record pace this year. I know the Crocs have suffered their fair share, but it just seems that some player each week is suffering a long tern injury. Eg, Razorbacks Damien Martin did his ACL and will be done for the season.

It is disappointing for the league to see players going down. When teams begin to lose players it is only a matter of time before the product becomes watered down. This is something we do not need to see. There is not much you can do to avoid these injuries that are happening, but we need them to slow just a little. I hope someone out there can help the cause, PLEASE!

I know opposition teams know that the Pigs will find it hard to replace Martin's value to the team, making them weaker, but a player never likes to see another player suffer a long term injury. I hope he has a successful recovery.

Still on Martin. I usually do not mingle too much with opposition teams but I have a little time for Martin. He allowed my three year old son to play defense on him before their team shoot around at the "Swamp" recently. It is a nice touch when a player allows a moment like this. I had finished with our shoot around and a few of the Pigs players had come early for theirs. My confident son asked if he could play D (I cannot believe my son said that, I will have to have a chat with him later.) on Martin as he began to warm up.

Martin allowed the "little tacker" the opportunity to have his moment on the "Swamp" floor. So thanks to Martin for that great gesture, and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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Round 8 Boxscores: kings v bullets breakers v slingers hawks v crocs wildcats v bullets pigs v blaze dragons v crocs taipans v hawks tigers v kings slingers v 36ers blaze v breakers

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crocs Win On The Road

Last night saw the Crocs win on the road in Wollongong, 101-87. Injury still haunts the Crocs as young guard Drew Williamson Dislocated his shoulder seven minutes into the game.

With only eight players left to manage the rest of the game, Trevor Gleeson had few options left by the fourth quarter. Three players fouled out, leaving only five players left to finish. It may have been interesting to see what would have happened if the game had been a little longer. Corey Williams finished on five fouls. Has thee ever been a time in the NBL when a team has only four players left on the court.

Today we travel down to Melbourne to take on the Dragons. If Ben Pepper's elbow injury has not recovered, we will only suite eight players. Sometimes this will bring a looseness to a team. knowing you will get to play will allow you to relax and play without thinking. That is what we get to do tonight. Let it fly and see what happens.

If we can get this win tonight, we are back in the mix with a plethora of home games still remaining. Things might be looking up for the Crocs, provided we can finish with five on the court.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sponsoring Movember

It is offical. You can start sponsoring your favourite Croc player or coach if you wish to help the cause of Movember. The information below will help explain how you can go about sponsoring.

Online Sponsorship
The simplest way to get people to sponsor you is to send them an email directing them to the "Sponsor" part of the Movember website where they just enter your Mo Bro Rego Number, the sponsorship amount and their credit card details. We have emailed you some suggested wording for that email.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Offline Sponsorship
Those who sponsor you in person need to be given an official receipt. To do that please use the attached book of tax deductible receipts that you will need to print.
At the end of Movember please send in cheques / money orders along with your completed Remittance Form to Movember.
If you receive cash, please bank it and send in your deposit slip with your completed Remittance Form to:
Movember Foundation PO Box 292 Prahran VIC 3181

My MO BRO REGO NUMBER is 166023. The website is Thanks for the donations!

BOXSCORE: kings vs bullets

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

College Tip Off Time

There is always a good vibe in the USA around this time of the year. College football is beginning to figure itself out and everyone begins talking about who will be the National Champ. Also, college hoops kicks off over the next week.

I get excited for these kids just for the sheer fact, you never know what might transpire from the season. NCAA tournament, NIT tournament all the way down to just working yourself into some court time.
There is no doubting that I'm bias towards this system, but it granted me an opportunity that my home country could not offer. Life long memories and friendships were developed during this period for me, but nothing will ever match the basketball memories I have from my time spent in the USA.
So for the next 5 months I hope to provide you with some coverage of Aussies that you may not of heard of, but one day will be gracing the NBL courts, and you will have been introduced to them.

There are hundreds of Aussies over there plying their trade for their respective schools, but deep down they are trying to improve their game so they can excel at the next level. Someone like Paul Rogers has shown that travelling across the Pacific is worthwhile. He was a little known prospect from the streets of Adelaide, but a few years later the Los Angels Lakers saw fit to make him a second round draft pick. These are the dreams and realities these kids leave our shores with and hope to achieve.

I'm confident in saying that Andrew Bogut would not have been the number 1 over pick in the NBA had he not have gone to school (Utah) in the States.
Everyone over there will not be a future number one pick, but you will never know where you stand if you do not give it a go. Patrick Mills and Andrew Ogilvy will find out if they have what it takes to become a NBA caliber player, while someone like Alex Opacic or Calum Hughes get to work on their game so they may become a solid NBL player one day.

Please drop me a line and let me know of any Aussies that are over there playing. I wish to highlight all that are over there, no matter what division they are playing. I will endeavour to have boxscores and articles posted regularly.
Go Zags - home of Rillie, Rogers, Dench, Hendrix
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Monday, November 5, 2007


After a disappointing weekend, 0-2, a few critics are asking if we are spending too much time at the beauty salon instead of on the hardwood. Take it from me, we are doing everything possible to correct our poor start (3-7).

What is going on with the Crocodile players and coaches on a positive note, is Movember. To find out more go to Each player had a choice. Our own twist, the Mohawk hairstyle or the traditional Movember route, a Mo. There are four of us sporting the mohawks now (look to your right), but I believe a few of the other players have said if they can raise "X" amount of dollars, they will join the Mohawks. ( I will let you know more in the future as to how you can sponsor these guys.)

I do not wish to rehash the weekend. Very disappointing, so I will just publish the boxscores below for your own viewing and analysing.

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