Monday, December 10, 2007

Is The Top Eight Already Decided

Let's just say the All Star game this week marks the half way point of the season, can we safely say the top 8 teams for the playoffs has been decided? I think so.

All teams in the top 8 are at .500 or better win/lose percentage, (tell me when that has last happened), so I cannot see any movement inside or out of that. I'm sure West Sydeney (7-10) will argue they still have a chance to make it and the door is not completely shut for Adelaide (6-9).

The way I see it is the top 8 have been playing solid basketball up to this point, and I don't see any of those teams falling in a big enough hole to see them drop out of the eight.

Moving onto the top 8 teams though, anything can happen with the final positions. I will hand the Kings the minor premiership now, and the rest of us can squabble over the remaining seven spots. The Kings are humming along to well to cough up top spot.

As for the rest, it becomes a chook raffle. The Breakers are beginning to see how life is with injury, and they have a plethora of road games remaining against top eight teams. The new boys on the block, Gold Coast Blaze, are travelling along nicely at the moment, but I think their schedule is heavily loaded against fellow top 8 teams.

As for us we control our own destiny because we play enough games against teams in a similar situation. 3 against the Blaze, 2 against the Taipans, 1 in Wildcat territory, Bullets at home etc. So if we are to propel ourselves into the top 4, we have to beat the teams that have the same goal in mind.

It is hard to believe we are already over half way through the season. For my knowledge the top 8 is set, but a mad scramble for playoff positions is well and truly alive. Over the next two months there will be a lot of jostling for positions to see who can challenge Sydney for a championship.

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