Thursday, December 13, 2007

Disappointing..What Else Can I Say

Yes, I choked. What a great opportunity shooting last in the qualifier last night. Knowing the score to beat to get to the final, I could not have asked for a better situation. I was very confident that a score of around 20 was coming when I stepped up.

When I look back on what happened, it was very similar to Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, but you move on. You cannot let one incident/indiscretion fog what reality is. I'm a great shooter and I get to prove that for the rest of the season.

I cannot wait to get to practice later today because I know my teammates will give it to me, but they better be ready as I have a little built up frustration to get rid of.

Congrats to Troy DeVries for winning the Shoot Out. I look forward to crossing paths with him in another event such as this.

As for the game itself. You could sense that the Aussie team had a little better cohesion on the court which allowed them to build a comfortable lead and coast for most of the game.

My observations from the game:

- Stephen Black lite Corey "Homicide" Williams up like a Christmas tree. Sitting courtside I could hear Williams calling out to Galen Young for help on several occassions.

- Larry "Birdman" Abney had a solid game, but his most important stat had a donut last night. Zero "Birdman's". If you are a Abney fan though, look for his "Sky's the Limit" DVD. Travel with Larry through his tours of the world with hoops.

- Corey Williams was involved in 131 post game interviews last night. Yes there was a lot of media at the game but Williams conducted 125 interviews on his own handycam. Look for all those one on one interviews to hit YouTube soon.


DJ Rod said...

keep them all for the real comp JR... BUT I am sure you would have done a lot better than the 2 clowns in the finals! MY GOD

Anonymous said...


nah everyone has a bad day now and then... probably hyped yourself up too much to shoot well - just make sure you shoot like u didd in the shootout the nest time u play the razors JR!