Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why I Will Win!

It is almost 24 hours until the Three Point Shoot Out makes a return to the All Star Game. And I'm in it to win it. Here are five reasons that will see me become victorious at this event.

1. Chris Anstey will be falling over looking for a call on every third shot. I have never seen a foul called in this contest, EVER. I don't think it will start tomorrow either. This rules him out.

2. Troy DeVries. A real unknown to me, but he loves a pump fake when he comes off those screens. Too many pump fakes will not allow him to get enough shots off.

3. James Harvey. Would be very dangerous if you only had to shoot fade aways from the corner. Unlucky for James, there will be three other spots to shoot from.

4. Kirk Penney. I am not doubting this guys sweet stroke and scoring ability, but I cannot see him getting through all 25 shots. This will cost him unless he shoots an unbelievable percentage.

5. CJ Bruton. The real unknown in the field for a contest like this. Does CJ really want to shoot in this competition? I'm not sure, plus he will want to redo his hair at half time of the main game.

As Charles Barkley said, " I may be wrong, but I doubt it!"


Andrew said...

You are awesome JR. My money is on you, but you might want to put some earplugs in because I think you might cop a touch of heckling from the other participants after this post!

Anonymous said...

JR much better post. Finally some controversy.

JR said...


Yes, I'm expecting a little backlash. I just simply choked.