Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Should The League Do

This week the Wollongong Hawks have come out and said they need a financial lifeline, otherwise they will be on the scrap heap. It is always disappointing for a league not to be able to sustain all teams, but is it time for the league to get serious and trim the league?

Every off season for the last few that I can remember, there is always anticipation as to whether a team or two will survive. Just look at last off season, the Razorbacks made it within minutes of their deadline, while Ben Knight had too wait all off season to see if he had a team and who his teammates would be in Singapore.

I believe the time is right for the NBL to trim the league and point the ship in the right direction so its future can brighten. Now is the right time because we have just completed the "Revue" so the power end of this show should know exactly the shape of basketball in this country. (I just hope they have some new ideas as to how to improve this great sport.)

People will say it is harsh to eliminate teams, but we need a strong product out in the market place. Sure there are not as many opportunities for players, but a strong product will attract the things (free to air TV, merchandise, ticket sales, sponsors dollars) the league is missing to generate good revenue.

It would be great for a white knight to present themself and solve all the issues at hand, but the reality of this is, you are a better chance of seeing me throw one down on Simon Dwight.

I know many a fan and person involved with this great sport have talked and debated the right way to help resurrect the sport, but if anything, now is the time to act and try and rectify the situation. Trimming the league into a stronger product may just be the place to start.

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Dave - Billabong Caravan Park said...

The league should ban three point shootout competitions indefinately.