Thursday, February 25, 2010

Game 3 Live On Fox Sports

I'm not going to confuse you so I will just give the time that Game 3 between the Wollongong Hawks and the Townsville Crocodiles is at now.

The series deciding game can now be seen live on Fox Sports 1 from 6.30pm (NSW time) which is a considerable upgrade from when we would have been watching it beforehand. (Thank you Fox Sports)

Now for the people of Wollongong who are going to the game. Do not be late, it is a 6.30pm tip off time. Yes, the time has been changed so do not be late.
Now to some news around the league.

Boti Nagy discovers that Luke Schenscher is hoping he has something in common with fellow South Aussies (Paul Rogers,Mark Bradtke and Brett Wheeler) big men.

We will find out in about a week's time if Luke joins the list.

Basketball Australia has asked the Cairns Taipans, "to show them the money" if they wish to participate in the 2010/11 season in the NBL.

Former NBL nomad Matt Shanahan has been lending a helping hand to the Hawthorn Football Club.

Are the Gold Coast sporting franchises "chokers"?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Six Degrees Of Seperation

Julian Khazzouh gave Adam Ballinger a little something in Sydney, read below to find out where in the world these two guys ran into each other.

Wow is all I can say to the Wollongong Hawks/Townsville Crocodiles series to date. The games have been so bad I do not wish to relive them or nor should you.

I will say one thing on the back of a lot of Crocs fans asking me as I left, "Who will win Game 3?"

Like most games in the NBL these days, limit your turnovers and shoot the three ball at a good clip and you win alot.

Game 3 will be no different. It will just be a matter of which team executes their offense without turning it over will win.

Now onto the point of this blog. I have just been sifting through boxes so I have cut and paste them of players that have had some affiliation with Aussie basketball.

- In case you missed it yesterday, Andrew Bogut of the Milwaukee Bucks had 24pts, 20rebs and 5 blocks to become only the second Buck ever to register a 20-20-5 game.

The other was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

- Former Adelaide 36ers import Mark Tyndale is playing in the D-League for the Iowa Energy.

- When not talking it up on Twitter, for New Zealand Breaker Carlos Powell can be found in the D-League playing for Albuquerque Thunderbirds.

- Also in D-League, Sioux Falls SkyForce can been seen with former Perth Wildcat David Bailey, one time Taipan Jared Newson and Nathan Jawai together.

- Aussie centre Luke Nevill plays in the D-league for the Utah Flash, along side former Breaker Orien Greene.

- Recent Breaker import Kevin Braswell has just inked a deal in France.

- Former South Dragons championship winning swingman Tremmell Darden will come across Braswell in his French travels.

- Scoring machine Ebi Ere is plying his trade in Italy.

- Former Sydney King point guard Dontaye Draper is in Italy.

- Former Slinger/Tiger/36er Rod Grizzard can be found in Israel these days.

- West Sydney product Julian Khazzouh is also in Israel. He played against current/former 36er Adam Ballinger (12 & 10 on debut).

- Don't forget the National U/20 Championships are on. Catch up on all the results here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Crocs To Make Changes?

Tonight on the local news up here in Townsville, Crocs Head Coach Trevor Gleeson has hinted at the idea that the Crocs will make changes to the starting line up after their lack luster performance against the Wollongong Hawks in Game 1 of their Semi Final series.

The Crocs managed just one assist in the first half of last week's contest. Anyone that knows hoops knows that this stat indicates that not too much team basketball is happening.

I would hate to speculate at what changes will happen so I better just get to the game on Wednesday night.

- In other NBL news, Scott Ninnis has been relieved of his head coaching position with the Adelaide 36ers.

The 36ers finished last in this year's NBL competition. This was the first wooden spoon for the South Australian club.

- Tomorrow night the Gold Coast Blaze host the Perth Wildcats in Game 2 of their Semi Final series. With the Wildcats up 1-0, Blaze coach Joey Wright is looking for New Zealand born Craig Bradshaw to lift and help the blaze force a Game 3.

Blaze import Ayinde Ubaka has been ruled out of the game.

- Wollongong Hawks Larry Davidson is a stat stuffer (someone who has positive stats across the board) and had an impressive Game 1 against the Townsville Crocodiles. Is it time he was called into the Australian Boomers squad?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gaze Is No Imelda & Zac's Age Issue

Andrew Gaze does not know his footwear like Imelda Marcos.

It may seem I have been in the wilderness (I was in Cairns) for the past 48 hours but I have actually been away starting to build my coaching resume.

I was away with a couple Townsville U/16 boys teams preparing for the State Championship in April. (Just in case you were wondering, I was an impressive 4-1.)

I have just finished watching Game 1 of the Wollongong Hawks/Townsville Crocodiles series. I was traveling on Friday while the game was on, but thanks to My Star, I can watch it at my own leisure. (Thanks to my Tweeps for keeping me and my family up to date with the scores as we headed up the Bruce Highway.)

Now after having watched both playoff games via Fox Sports and listened to "Mr Basketball" Andrew Gaze I'm going to throw a few things back in his direction.

First point. He is trying to sound like Imelda Marcos with his knowledge of players footwear during the playoffs.

On Thursday night he made comment about Perth Wildcat import Galen Young and his bright red shoes and how Young must have pulled them out for the playoffs.

Now I'm with Drewie in the fact that they are very red shoes. Not even Wildcats resident "Ranga" Rob Beveridge can reach that shade of red when he blushes. The point I'm getting to though, is Young has been sporting (I will call them) the Nike Rangas for quite some time now.

The next example of "Imelda" Gaze's mishap was with Brad Williamson and him wearing joggers as his game shoes. Drewie made comment along the lines of Williamson must have left his game shoes at the hotel and will have to get by with his walk around shoes.

Note to Gaze, Williamson has been wearing his Brooks runners all season long after suffering a early season foot injury.

Drewie, maybe you can bring him up some of your famous Gaze shoes for him to tryout?

Second point. The Wollongong Hawks have defended the Townsville Crocodiles, but more importantly Corey "Homicide" Williams, like that all season long. (If you missed the game, the Hawks defend Williams by sending his defensive player below the free throw line in hope of being able to control his tough penetration while giving up the perimeter jumpshot.)

It has been a ploy that has worked a treat for the Hawks as they have had some convincing wins over the Crocs in their 3-1 regular season record.

My question to Drewie on his theory of having Williams launch a few 15-18ft jump shots in hope of making one or two and then the defence having to change their mindset. Did you ever say that to Warick Giddey?

Now that I have that of my chest, let me move on.

Fresh of logging his first playoff seconds in front of his home crowd (Wollongong Hawks), Lil Zac Delaney has been pulled over to the side and been asked to produce some ID.

I know your thinking the young fella went out (chest puffed out) on the town after his thirty odd seconds of fame on Friday night against the Crocs and a club bouncer has asked the 169cm (that's generous I think) baby faced assassin to provide some ID.

Wrong. Delaney was just trying to take in a movie over the weekend and the movie theatre worker asked the Hawk fan favourite to produce a proof of age so he would be allowed to view the flick.

I have my sources on the case to make sure the rumours aren't true that the movie was Flushed Away.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Brock Motum, WSU Dunk Contest

I have been scavenging through You Tube today to see what I could dig up that I'm hoping not many have seen previously.

I have come across this Washington State Dunk Contest that was held during Midnight Madness. Yes, that was a while ago but I'm sure you will be happy to take some time out of your Friday afternoon schedule to check it out.

Aussie Brock Motum (6'9 leftie, wearing white #12) is one of the participants in the show. I must say, the way he celebrates his throw downs improves over time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aussies Aboard

Townsville Crocs fans, remember this guy? Read below to find out where DuJuan Wiley is now playing.

I know that the NBL playoffs kick start tomorrow but there are plenty of people making comment about the two series that get underway so let me focus on bringing you up to speed on Aussies abroad.

- A player I have never dedicated ink to is Trian Iliadis of Old Dominion. The Perth local is in his second year with the Monarchs and follows in the footsteps of fellow Aussies Al Laughton and Sam Harris.

The guard was solid in his play (7pts, 3rebs, 2ast) today as ODU defeated Towson.

- Ben Louis of James Madison recorded 5rebs and 5ast in a loss to Lanard Copeland's alma mater Georgia State.

Louis has been described as a Glen Saville type to me.

- Brad Newley continues to shine in the Turkish league. This week Newley was solid with 10pts (4-6fgs), 6 boards and 2 assists.

Besiktas (Newley's team) is currently in third spot with a 13-6 record.

- Former Sydney Spirit forward Matt Knight has been going to work. This week his team, Soproni, coasted to an easy win. Knight went 4-4 from the floor for a total of 8 points and 4 rebounds to go with it all in just 16 minutes of action.

His squad sits in 6th lace at 10-8.

Remember Crocs import DuJuan Wiley? He is currently playing in Hungary and lead the league in block shots with 1.9/game.

- Aleks Maric reached double figures again with 13 points as his Partizan team remained in second place in the Adriatic League with a 15-5 record.

- Aron Baynes did not get to play in a blow out win for his Vilnius squad. I will endeavour to find out the reason for this.

- Matt Nielsen and his Valencia team lost a close one this week by 2 points. "Nitro" contributed 7pts and a solo rebound in the game.

- Joe Ingles contributed 15pts, 3rebs and 3ast in Granada's three point win.

His team currently owns a 9-13 record.

- Nathan Jawai of the Minnesota Timberwolves did not score in his twelve and a half minutes on court today.

- Although the Houston Rockets suffered defeat at the hand of the Utah Jazz, Aussie David Andersen was impressive. Andersen went for 18, 7 and 3 in twenty four minutes of action. In his 18 points Andersen connected on three long range bombs.

- Nate MacMillan was generous enough to give Pat Mills a minute and forty five on court. Mills delivered a basket in two attempts in an easy Portland Trailblazer victory.

- Now this video footage has nothing to do with Aussies. College basketball analyst Greg Anthony names his current college Player of the Year. It is not John Wall of Kentucky, so who could it be?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2009/10 NBL ROY

Has Tom Abercrombie become the forgotten one?
It's getting to that time of the season where media and fans start discussing yearly award winners.

One award that seems to be heating up a little is the Rookie of the Year award. There seems to be only two names on every one lips, but is there a dark horse people have forgotten.

Perth Wildcat Jesse Wagstaff is the favourite. Wagstaff plays for the minor primers so that counts for something. He is a contributor on a winning team.

Let's take a look at his numbers.

The "Body" lead all candidates in scoring at 9.4/game while connecting on 44% of his shots. To go along with his scoring he added 3.5 rebounds per outing. More on his other stats in a minute.

Next in line in the popularity polls is Wollongong Hawks Tim Coenraad.

Timmy, to his teammates, dropped in 7.3 per at 44% while snaring 3 boards a game.

Now to the forgotten one. (I did go to the NBL website seeking clarification because I have been told this guy is eligible due to him being a development player last season. Marc Howard please call me if this is wrong.)

Tom Abercrombie of the New Zealand Breakers can certainly plead his case along with these other chaps.
Abercrombie missed four games during the season but has posted similar numbers, except in one category.

The high flier was good for 8.5 points per game on 42% accuracy and almost 4 boards.

Now where the Kiwi separates himself from the other is in the other statistical categories.

I have done a plus/minus system to point out the difference between each candidate. (Think back to when they had the Good Hands Award that was dominated by Darryl McDonald.)

Favourite Wagstaff, who played in all 28 games, had 20 assists and 6 steals on the season to go with 31 turnovers. Using my mathematical system this gives him a -5 on the season.

Coenraad contributed 34 assists and 4 steals while he coughed up the ball 31 times. His total during his 28 games is +7.

Abercrombie had 28 dimes and 19 thefts on the season while he turned it over 21 times. This gives him a score of +26.

This award is voted on by captains, coaches and assistant coaches and all will have their own thoughts and philosophies on who should win, just like you.

I think this race is going to be hotly contested because you can make a case for all three worthy candidates.

Who gets your vote?

Monday, February 15, 2010

NBL Playoff Schedule & News

That is not hugging it out people. The Gold Coast Blaze and Perth Wildcats playoff series will be heated, just like the regular season clashes.
Before reading this edition, please go and get your diary so you can make a note of the dates of the NBL semi final series.

The Perth Wildcats/Gold Coast Blaze series kicks off proceedings on Thursday (18th) night in Perth. Game 2 will be the played on Tuesday (23rd) in the sand on the Coast and if required Game 3 will be squeezed in on Sunday (28th) back out west.

Moving to the rematch of the 2001 Grand Final series, the Wollongong Hawks take on the Townsville Crocodiles. Game 1 is in the Steel City on Friday (19th), Game 2 in the far north on Wednesday (24th) and if the series is knotted, it will return south on Saturday (27th).

- Current Blaze captain James Harvey could not be happier playing his former club in the first round of the NBL playoffs.

My spies at Blaze practice today noticed that players would make a couple of free throws before breaking for water, except, Harvey and his flamboyant teammate Chris Goulding.

The backcourt duo would brush off the free throws and walk to centre court. That's right, they practiced their saluting instead.

- With Adelaide out of the playoff picture, Boti Nagy has given us his final regular season wrap.

- Wollongong Hawks Head Coach Gordie McLeod (and my vote for coach of the year) comments on the closeness of this season. More from McLeod in his local rag.

- Perth Wildcats Head Coach Rob Beveridge "thought we've got to get him (Shaun Redhage) shots", he told Perth Now.

Redhage had a team high 32 points in the much anticipated clash for the minor premiership against the Townsville Crocodiles.

- Adelaide 26ers MVP adam Ballinger has signed a 3 month contract with Israeli team Ironi Nahariya.

It could be a tough year for Ballinger. The 36ers picked up their first ever wooden spoon and now travels to Europe where he joins a 3-10 team.

- Injured Gold Coast Blaze due of Anthony Petrie and Ayinde Ubaka will be back for the playoffs.

- Aaron Fearne the head coach of the Cairns Taipans has graded his team's performance after their season came to an end this past weekend. He gave them an "A" at home but was not quite sure about on the road. They won one road game for the season.

While on the Snakes, they could learn their fate as early as tomorrow. The NBL are set to announce the teams that are in for next season.

- Joey Wright is a sneaky little bugger.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old School Sunday - When Dunk Contests Were Good

Like many of you I sat through the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest in hope that eventually some energy would creep into the contest. I did not scoot to the edge of my couch one time in anticipation that something exciting would happen.

No doubt New York Knick Nate Robinson was the best dunker today, but there are only so many times I can see the little man from Seattle lob the ball and dunk it.

By the end of it all, Twitter kept me entertained as my group of ground bound friends made hilarious comment after hilarious comment after each dunk.

Here is some old footage of former dunk contests that brought some thunder and atmosphere to the arena.

Enjoy as the NBA Dunk Contest is dying a slow death, unless LeBron James, Dwight Howard and maybe Kobe Bryant answer the bell.

This one never gets old - Nique vs MJ

Vince Carter - 2000

Dee Brown - 1991

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bogut Should Be An All-Star?

Andrew Bogut is currently enjoying what Vegas has to offer while most of the NBA fraternity is in Dallas for All-Star weekend. (Sorry Andrew I went to as many Internet cafes as possible to vote for you.)

Bogut's Milwaukee Bucks teammate Brandon Jennings is there for the Rookie/Sophomore game but he also feels the Aussie centre should be representing the Bucks in the main game.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Will Get The Final Say

Two former teammates have been using the media to try and gain the upper hand as both their teams try end the season as minor premiers.

Corey "Homicide" Williams kick started the "trash talk" after Wednesday night's televised game against the Adelaide 36ers calling out Perth Wildcat Galen Young and his bullying tactics.

Young responded today by calling Williams a "misdemeanour" more than a "homicide".

Oh, and now "King Ranga" Rob Beveridge has added his twist to the story saying his young team are the "underdogs" in this contest.

I cannot wait for Sunday's "Valentine's Day Massacre" battle for the minor premiership. You can catch all the action live, here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sapwell & Acid Wash Jeans

I have just returned from tonight's Townsville Crocodiles and Adelaide 36ers clash.

With prime time seats on offer I was rather pumped to check out some NBL action from such a vantage point. Well, what a poor game this was from a spectators point of view. The Crocs were easy winners 102-87.

Instead of dwelling on it too much I have found something that completely trumps this game's look.

Former 36ers bank shot expert Rupert Sapwell in acid wash jeans has trumped all today's precedings by a country mile. The thing that scares me the most is Sapwell was wearing the same jeans when I saw him in Adelaide during a December game I played in.

Enjoy this blast from the past footage.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News, News & More News

The secret to this blog's success, International Roast!

I have Googled and looked high and low for all things basketball in the Oceania area or involving an Aussie hooper. Here is what I come up with and I was only aided by a few cups of the good stuff, International Roast.

- New Zealand Breaker Kirk Penney has picked up his second NBL Player of the Week award for season 2009/10.

- Defending NZNBL champions Waikato Pistons have signed former Syracuse star Eric Devendorf. The tattooed point guard comes well credentialed and will provide his team and competition with a little flare.

If Devendorf and the Pistons become three-peat champs, I'm guessing the American import can convince his coach (Dean Vickerman) to get some ink on his neck.

- Staying in New Zealand, Beakers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis is pleading to the locals and come out and support the Breakers as well as the retiring Tony Ronaldson.

If the Breakers fall short of the playoffs, this will be "Bear's" final appearance in front of his home crowd but more importantly, the first time in his 20 year pro career he misses post season action.

Struggling with injury, centre Rick Rickett should be fit enough to suit up after missing the Breakers last game.

- Yes, we all know that Chris Anstey and Sam MacKinnon are retiring from the NBL. I found this article where Anstey talks about never losing to Michael Jordan and making sure his kids know about it.

- Got a spare 400K? You need to contact the Cairns Taipans, quickly.

- The Gold Coast Blaze may have to move to the "spiritual home" of basketball during the playoffs.

- The AFL continues to recruit athletes from all walks of life. Legendary coach Kevin Sheedy now believes it is worth looking further afield, and the USA college system is on his list.

- Perth Wildcats feisty guard Brad Robbins may miss the remainder of the season if his rib is fractured.

- The Adelaide 36ers goal for this week is to avoid the "Wooden Spoon".

- Something for those NBA nuts that drop by, here is an article about who the potential lottery picks are in this year's upcoming NBA Draft.

- Aussies seeing NCAA action today

Ben Louis (JMU), Ryan Broekoff & Cameron Witt (Valpo)

- Aussies in Europe

Brad Newley (Turkey), Daniel Kickert (Spain), Joe Ingles and Matt Nielsen (Spain), Rhys

Carter & Neil Mottram (Sweden), Alex Loughton (Spain), David Barlow (Spain),

Monday, February 8, 2010

New McDonalds Ad

Years ago it was Larry Bird and Michael Jordan playing H-O-R-S-E for a Big Mac and fries for lunch.

Now Gen Y has their go at re-creating the classic commercial. Take a look at the new Lebron James and Dwight Howard version of the McDonald's ad made legendary by the Hall of Famers.

As usual, Larry Legend leaves the winner.



Anstey, MacKinnon To Retire

There is mounting speculation that two of Australia's greatest basketball products will announce their retirement from NBL basketball today.

Melbourne Tigers pair of Sam MacKinnon and Chris Anstey will announce they are done with their professional basketballing careers sometime today.

MacKinnon has been named MVP and won several NBL Championships while flirting with Europe and the NBA throughout his career.

Anstey's passport is full of stamps as the junior tennis champion experienced the NBA (Dallas and Chicago after Portland drafted him in the 1st round in 1999) and Europe before returning home to Australia 4 years ago to help take the Tigers into the post Gaze era.

Both pulled on the green and gold at the Olympics with MacKinnon going to Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000) while Anstey gave up an NBA contract to try his luck in Sydney.

When it is all said and done both will be enter the Hall of Fame ASAP.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Net Session With Greg Ritchie

On Friday the Townsville Crocodiles held a luncheon with former Test Cricketer Wayne Phillips as the MC and Greg Ritchie as the guest speaker.

Phillips has MCed a few functions for the Crocs and he is quite the entertainer (this can be seen below in the video footage as he never lets the truth get in the road of a good story).

But once I saw Ritchie's Andrew Vlahovesque frame mount the stage it reminded me of a childhood memory involving both myself and Ritchie.

In my youth growing up in Toowoomba I rather fancied myself a Test batsman and not an Olympic basketballer.

Ritchie was kind enough to return to his childhood stomping grounds and contact a cricket clinic for kids while on break from Test cricket.

With my Greg Chappell Grey Nic single scoop packed the night before and fresh pen packed and ready for "Fat Cat" to sign it the next day, the clinic could not come quick enough.

It was your tradition clinic in that you got to bat in the nets for 15 minutes while the rest of the young punters tried their best to bring the "automatic wickie" into play as they worked on their out swing bowling. Then every so often Ritchie would roll the arm over so you could go to school the next day and tell all your mates you faced an Aussie player in the nets.

Then it was my turn. Back in the day I was know to be more Bruce Laird (yes, you will need to research him yourself) than Adam Gilchrist with the willow in hand.

Well, I had been watching "Fat Cat" roll the arm over for the past 2 hours (and you could see why he was thrown the ball for only 1 over during his Test career) so I was going to make the most of his long hops to me.

I was textbook sound for the first 10 minutes until Ritchie pipes up, "my tune". Ritchie waddles in and attempts a leggie. Now the highlight of the day, but worst part of the day was about to occur.

It was slow motion, like how the movies do it. I was Sir Viv Richards for one shot and it worked. Graceful footwork to the pitch of the ball and right off the middle of the bat. The ball sailed over the netting that surrounded the practice area. All mid wicket could have done was watch that ball fly over his head for six. I'm thinking this is a thing of beauty and Ritchie will appreciate that stroke. (If you ever saw him bat, boundaries meant he did not have to try and run.)

Instead, I hear, "you can go and take your pads off for such a wreckless shot like that."

"No worries," I said to myself.

Disappointed I did not get to bat my allotted time but I certainly went home with a smile on the dial knowing I had taken to a local Test hero.

Oh, and the pen stayed in the bag as well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Art Of Flopping - Vlade Style

Now former NBA and Serbian center Vlade Divac and I have never seen eye to eye but you always have to respect a guy for his individual skills.

Divac was considered one of the best passing big men in the league during his time in the United States. I will not argue that point and I will not argue the point below in the video footage that was kindly brought to my attention by my Serbian friend.

Divac mastered the art of flopping and in case you forgot how bad it become, I'm sure these highlights will remind you of how strong the big man held his position.

Who is the NBL's version of Vlade Divac? I'd be interested to hear from Dusty Rychart to see who gets his vote.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tony Ronaldson Press Conference

Tony Ronaldson become the most capped NBL player in history by surpassing the great Andrew Gaze last season, but earlier this week he decided the 2009/10 season will be his last.

Throughout his 20 professional seasons Ronaldson has many accolades to his name including NBL Championships, 2 Olympic Games and a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal to his name.

The "Bear" held a press conference on Tuesday in New Zealand to announce his retirement from the NBL. You can hear what he had to say below.

Right now Ronaldson is on court warming up in preparation to play the Wollongong Hawks and trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. (You can catch this game on Fox Sports in 30 minutes.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

News Around The NBL

Before I pack my bags in preparation in leaving the States to head home and finally start to see my family on a regular basis, I put together this links package so you can read the latest in NBL news.

- Minnesota Timberwolf Nathan Jawai talks about the differences of playing in the NBL versus the NBA.

In paraphrasing Jawai he talks about how he could just "beast" his way to the hoop here (NBL)while he needs to use his "smarts" over their (USA) because they can match his stretch and quickness.

_While on Taipan players, Kerry Williams talks about growing up in Cairns and becoming a starter for his home team.

- The Townsville Crocodiles finally get something to go their way to get a come from behind win over the Adelaide 36ers.

- The Melbourne Tigers are relying on a whole lot of luck, plus they need to win to remain an outside chance of the playoffs.

- Andrew Vhahov is heading to Cairns this week as he will look over the financially hurting Queensland franchise. In his role with the NBL Commission, Vlahov will endeavour to help the reptiles with some ideas of helping with the cash flow.

Message to Taipans fans: KEEP THE FOOD COMING!

- Damien Martin is in jeopardy of missing Perth's three game road double this week. Martin missed practice due to an abdominal injury.

- While the Adelaide 36ers aim to climb off the canvas and then off the bottom of the NBL ladder, Boti Nagy tells us who he would keep around for next season.

- The Wollongong Hawks will have a little extra incentive when they hit the sunny shores of New Zealand later this week.

Arun Jagatramka has offered the players $100 000 in shares if the team can win the NBL crown this season. Those not familiar with the mining magnate (always wanted to use that word), he is the guy that become the saviour of the Hawks when it seemed they had seen their last days in 2009 as an NBL franchise.

- Eddie Groves has had to surrender another asset. The "Dome" in Adelaide is no longer his as the Commonwealth Bank had to take it back.

- Ever wondered what happened to NBL guard Stephen Black? He is following in his father's (Allan) footsteps and going into coaching. Black will coach the South West Metro Pirates in the Queensland ABA.