Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News, News & More News

The secret to this blog's success, International Roast!

I have Googled and looked high and low for all things basketball in the Oceania area or involving an Aussie hooper. Here is what I come up with and I was only aided by a few cups of the good stuff, International Roast.

- New Zealand Breaker Kirk Penney has picked up his second NBL Player of the Week award for season 2009/10.

- Defending NZNBL champions Waikato Pistons have signed former Syracuse star Eric Devendorf. The tattooed point guard comes well credentialed and will provide his team and competition with a little flare.

If Devendorf and the Pistons become three-peat champs, I'm guessing the American import can convince his coach (Dean Vickerman) to get some ink on his neck.

- Staying in New Zealand, Beakers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis is pleading to the locals and come out and support the Breakers as well as the retiring Tony Ronaldson.

If the Breakers fall short of the playoffs, this will be "Bear's" final appearance in front of his home crowd but more importantly, the first time in his 20 year pro career he misses post season action.

Struggling with injury, centre Rick Rickett should be fit enough to suit up after missing the Breakers last game.

- Yes, we all know that Chris Anstey and Sam MacKinnon are retiring from the NBL. I found this article where Anstey talks about never losing to Michael Jordan and making sure his kids know about it.

- Got a spare 400K? You need to contact the Cairns Taipans, quickly.

- The Gold Coast Blaze may have to move to the "spiritual home" of basketball during the playoffs.

- The AFL continues to recruit athletes from all walks of life. Legendary coach Kevin Sheedy now believes it is worth looking further afield, and the USA college system is on his list.

- Perth Wildcats feisty guard Brad Robbins may miss the remainder of the season if his rib is fractured.

- The Adelaide 36ers goal for this week is to avoid the "Wooden Spoon".

- Something for those NBA nuts that drop by, here is an article about who the potential lottery picks are in this year's upcoming NBA Draft.

- Aussies seeing NCAA action today

Ben Louis (JMU), Ryan Broekoff & Cameron Witt (Valpo)

- Aussies in Europe

Brad Newley (Turkey), Daniel Kickert (Spain), Joe Ingles and Matt Nielsen (Spain), Rhys

Carter & Neil Mottram (Sweden), Alex Loughton (Spain), David Barlow (Spain),


ClintDogg said...

"Bear's" finally appearance", u mean "Final"?. And "more importantly, the first time in his 20 year pro career he misses post season action"??????????. I think hes already done this once b4, according to the Fox commentators.

Anonymous said...

Do u think your Zags boy Harris is gunna go 1 and done?

judy said...

Liam Rush also with Carter and Mottram.
how come he can't get an NBL gig when he's a top scorer for his team and in top 10 averages?