Friday, February 5, 2010

The Art Of Flopping - Vlade Style

Now former NBA and Serbian center Vlade Divac and I have never seen eye to eye but you always have to respect a guy for his individual skills.

Divac was considered one of the best passing big men in the league during his time in the United States. I will not argue that point and I will not argue the point below in the video footage that was kindly brought to my attention by my Serbian friend.

Divac mastered the art of flopping and in case you forgot how bad it become, I'm sure these highlights will remind you of how strong the big man held his position.

Who is the NBL's version of Vlade Divac? I'd be interested to hear from Dusty Rychart to see who gets his vote.

1 comment:

mookie said...

A thing of beauty to watch.

I hadn't read your recollections of Vlade previously, JR. That is some serious beef right there going back a number of years. I wonder what Vlade says about you to his kids. Probably best not translated.