Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2009/10 NBL ROY

Has Tom Abercrombie become the forgotten one?
It's getting to that time of the season where media and fans start discussing yearly award winners.

One award that seems to be heating up a little is the Rookie of the Year award. There seems to be only two names on every one lips, but is there a dark horse people have forgotten.

Perth Wildcat Jesse Wagstaff is the favourite. Wagstaff plays for the minor primers so that counts for something. He is a contributor on a winning team.

Let's take a look at his numbers.

The "Body" lead all candidates in scoring at 9.4/game while connecting on 44% of his shots. To go along with his scoring he added 3.5 rebounds per outing. More on his other stats in a minute.

Next in line in the popularity polls is Wollongong Hawks Tim Coenraad.

Timmy, to his teammates, dropped in 7.3 per at 44% while snaring 3 boards a game.

Now to the forgotten one. (I did go to the NBL website seeking clarification because I have been told this guy is eligible due to him being a development player last season. Marc Howard please call me if this is wrong.)

Tom Abercrombie of the New Zealand Breakers can certainly plead his case along with these other chaps.
Abercrombie missed four games during the season but has posted similar numbers, except in one category.

The high flier was good for 8.5 points per game on 42% accuracy and almost 4 boards.

Now where the Kiwi separates himself from the other is in the other statistical categories.

I have done a plus/minus system to point out the difference between each candidate. (Think back to when they had the Good Hands Award that was dominated by Darryl McDonald.)

Favourite Wagstaff, who played in all 28 games, had 20 assists and 6 steals on the season to go with 31 turnovers. Using my mathematical system this gives him a -5 on the season.

Coenraad contributed 34 assists and 4 steals while he coughed up the ball 31 times. His total during his 28 games is +7.

Abercrombie had 28 dimes and 19 thefts on the season while he turned it over 21 times. This gives him a score of +26.

This award is voted on by captains, coaches and assistant coaches and all will have their own thoughts and philosophies on who should win, just like you.

I think this race is going to be hotly contested because you can make a case for all three worthy candidates.

Who gets your vote?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Abercrombie play in 13 games last season?

So is he still a rookie???

John Rillie said...

He was a development player last season. In previuos years you had to be a rostered player. I couldn't find anything regarding the ruling on the NBL website, so I'm waiting to see what the NBL front office says.

Anonymous said...

if he's a rookie - it's his award sewn up!!!!!

He is a baller.