Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gaze Is No Imelda & Zac's Age Issue

Andrew Gaze does not know his footwear like Imelda Marcos.

It may seem I have been in the wilderness (I was in Cairns) for the past 48 hours but I have actually been away starting to build my coaching resume.

I was away with a couple Townsville U/16 boys teams preparing for the State Championship in April. (Just in case you were wondering, I was an impressive 4-1.)

I have just finished watching Game 1 of the Wollongong Hawks/Townsville Crocodiles series. I was traveling on Friday while the game was on, but thanks to My Star, I can watch it at my own leisure. (Thanks to my Tweeps for keeping me and my family up to date with the scores as we headed up the Bruce Highway.)

Now after having watched both playoff games via Fox Sports and listened to "Mr Basketball" Andrew Gaze I'm going to throw a few things back in his direction.

First point. He is trying to sound like Imelda Marcos with his knowledge of players footwear during the playoffs.

On Thursday night he made comment about Perth Wildcat import Galen Young and his bright red shoes and how Young must have pulled them out for the playoffs.

Now I'm with Drewie in the fact that they are very red shoes. Not even Wildcats resident "Ranga" Rob Beveridge can reach that shade of red when he blushes. The point I'm getting to though, is Young has been sporting (I will call them) the Nike Rangas for quite some time now.

The next example of "Imelda" Gaze's mishap was with Brad Williamson and him wearing joggers as his game shoes. Drewie made comment along the lines of Williamson must have left his game shoes at the hotel and will have to get by with his walk around shoes.

Note to Gaze, Williamson has been wearing his Brooks runners all season long after suffering a early season foot injury.

Drewie, maybe you can bring him up some of your famous Gaze shoes for him to tryout?

Second point. The Wollongong Hawks have defended the Townsville Crocodiles, but more importantly Corey "Homicide" Williams, like that all season long. (If you missed the game, the Hawks defend Williams by sending his defensive player below the free throw line in hope of being able to control his tough penetration while giving up the perimeter jumpshot.)

It has been a ploy that has worked a treat for the Hawks as they have had some convincing wins over the Crocs in their 3-1 regular season record.

My question to Drewie on his theory of having Williams launch a few 15-18ft jump shots in hope of making one or two and then the defence having to change their mindset. Did you ever say that to Warick Giddey?

Now that I have that of my chest, let me move on.

Fresh of logging his first playoff seconds in front of his home crowd (Wollongong Hawks), Lil Zac Delaney has been pulled over to the side and been asked to produce some ID.

I know your thinking the young fella went out (chest puffed out) on the town after his thirty odd seconds of fame on Friday night against the Crocs and a club bouncer has asked the 169cm (that's generous I think) baby faced assassin to provide some ID.

Wrong. Delaney was just trying to take in a movie over the weekend and the movie theatre worker asked the Hawk fan favourite to produce a proof of age so he would be allowed to view the flick.

I have my sources on the case to make sure the rumours aren't true that the movie was Flushed Away.

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Adam Galle said...

DOn't listen the Drewie on shoes... man he wore Pony shoes!