Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Will Be MVP?

My criteria for the MVP will differ a little from the way the NBL judges it. First the player who wins needs to be from one of the top 4 teams. (We do not need a Brian Whethers situation on our hands.) Also, you have to picture how this team would perform without this guy in your lineup.

#1. Chris Anstey. Very much like last years winner Sam MacKinnon, if this guy wants it, it is his for the taking. And the way he has been playing of late, he wants the new Hummer on offer. Whether it is putting the nail in the coffin via a three or an offensive tip, he can impact the game at the defensive end. Through a block or a rebound how many times does it seem Darryl Corletto finishes the play with a spot up three.

If the Tigers do not fall into a coma, they will finish in the Top 4 somewhere and Anstey will win his second MVP trophy in three years.

#2. Ebi Ere. This guy could not wait for MacKinnon to go under the knife so he could show off his skills and get out from behind Slammin Sam's and CJ's shadow.

Offensively he has been consistently carrying the Bullets load. Settle CJ, yes you come through too, but your wing man has been doing it in style. He has even been grabbing a few boards as well.

If the Bullets mount a run for a top 2 spot, Ebi will have an influence on that and the MVP voting.

#3. Mark Worthington. He has been the best/consistent player on the best team. You have to reward this. He has shown he can bring his offense every night when needed and win games through his determination.

What may hurt him is if he was to miss games the Kings have players that can step up their productivity. Saville comes to mind here.

If the gap between the Kings and Bullets/Tigers narrows this will hurt Worthington and his cause for an MVP season.

Other that may get votes, but their team needs to string some wins.

Kirk Penney: No doubt this guy has helped bring some respectability to the Breakers, but they also brought in Ronaldson, Jones and two imports to help their cause.

Shaun Redage: He got out of the blocks fast and created some hype, but with the Wildcats falling back in the pack, both he and his team need a strong finish to the season to get him over the line.

Corey Williams: "Homicide" exploded on the scene and has caught the attention of many and even some not involved in the basketball circles. He has been good for the NBL and opposition crowds.

To help his cause the Crocs need to finish in the top 4 and he needs to leave those 2/17 shooting nights on the streets of New York for the remainder of the season.

We finish in the top 4 and some of the names mentioned above slow, Townsville citizens better watch out for Corey cruising the streets in his new rig.

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