Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Day for Aussies-NCAA

Aussie Aaron Baynes gets dirty for WSU

Today saw many of our Aussies in the USA have big games in college. We will start with Aaron Baynes. The north Queensland kid is playing on one of the best teams in America right now. Washington State is ranked 8th in the nation and Baynes is a key for this squad. They defeated my team, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, 18th in the nation, in a low scoring affair, 51-47. Washington St are a "D" team, so a scoreline like this usually sees them win. Baynes contributed 13 points and seven rebounds, but nine of his points came in the deciding second half.

Andrew Ogilvy who plays for the 23rd ranked Vanderbilt Commodores had another productive game for his squad. 23 points to go along with five rebounds will see his NBA stock keep rising.

Alec Maric filled the statline with another double double. 17pts and 13rebs. As I said earlier on in the year, this guy is a smokey for the Beijing team.

Utah Utes Aussie, Luke Nevill dropped 20 and 14 on Utah St today. I have never really seen this kid play so I cannot comment too much, but he has been putting up good numbers in his time over there. Another Aussie on this squad, Stephen Weigh, was back in the line up.

There were other Aussies in play, but these guys could my eye with their stats. To find out how all went, find the boxscores here.

Here is a copy of my weekly article that appears in the Townsville Bulletin.

Homicide deflated

THERE is no question Corey Williams has been a great addition to this year's team for a variety of reasons.
Williams has been tearing it up around the NBL since his arrival in the Sunshine State and has kept our beloved fans entertained on and off the court with his skill and wit.
However, even Superman has his kryptonite and last week Corey's nemesis was uncovered.
Poor `Homicide' found himself high and dry on the streets of Townsville after our team shoot-around on Saturday when he came face to face with the dreaded flat tyre.
No, that is not the name of the next big bad guy in a Disney flick, he really just had a flat tyre.
Who would have anticipated that this street-savvy guy from the mean streets of New York would be afraid to get his hands dirty by changing a little tyre?
Never fear fans, after several phone calls, our hero finally found someone to rescue him.
The best part of this story is that `Homicide' was just around the corner from my house when he was `struck down' and I never received one of those calls for help.
Hmmm, do you think it was because he didn't want the incident to be in print the following week?
Note to Corey: Something that good will always find its way to the column.
It is just the level of embellishment required that varies if I am not allowed on the scene.
While I am picking on players this week, I might as well give Daniel Egan some time.
You may have seen a van around town with an advertisement on the side for what looks like a mobile dating service, featuring Daniel and his partner Kirby Dalgleish (who you may recognise as a member of our WNBL team, the Fire).
Do not be alarmed, Daniel has not quit his day job with the Crocs in the hope of helping the lovelorn of the twin cities.
These vans are just promotional tools for his individual sponsor and friend, Mike Buck and his fan business – although `Ask Dan the Fan Man how he keeps his relationship cool!' does have a certain ring to it.
Something to think about for life after basketball, Eages.
Last, but certainly not least, don't forget we play the Singapore Slingers on Saturday night.
If anyone sees Corey pulled over by the side of the road on their way to the game, please pull over and help him out.
We need our point guard at The Swamp by tip-off.

NBA Top Ten Plays: Sorry to say, Bogut gets dunked on.


Anonymous said...

JR. Im sick and tired of reading all this politically correct basketball blah blah from your site. Wheres the controversial JR we have grown to love. Where is the 3 pt shootout predications. Where is the trash talking. Has homicide taken your mantle? Give us something!!

JR said...

It is a long season, but you are right about sparking up the three point shootout. Look for it on Tuesday.