Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Weekend

Well, the Crocs returned from their weekend away with two wins. Wollongong were the first victims, then the South Dragons ran into a red hot Homicide Williams. A near triple double (31pts, 13rebs, 7ass) by Williams and his performance the night before against the Hawks should see him win POW.

I must say though, it was Kelvin Robertson's three with a minute to go that was the real game breaker in that one. Trevor Gleeson drew up an out of bounds play with six seconds left on the shotclock. The play worked that well Kelvin found himself wide open. Knocking it down opened the game up by six. A handy margin at that stage of the game so all that was left was to knock down our free throws to close out the game.

A great result this weekend so I'm hoping this is the kick start that will get us playing a consistent game, week in, week out.

Is it just me, but doesn't it seem that injuries a coming at a record pace this year. I know the Crocs have suffered their fair share, but it just seems that some player each week is suffering a long tern injury. Eg, Razorbacks Damien Martin did his ACL and will be done for the season.

It is disappointing for the league to see players going down. When teams begin to lose players it is only a matter of time before the product becomes watered down. This is something we do not need to see. There is not much you can do to avoid these injuries that are happening, but we need them to slow just a little. I hope someone out there can help the cause, PLEASE!

I know opposition teams know that the Pigs will find it hard to replace Martin's value to the team, making them weaker, but a player never likes to see another player suffer a long term injury. I hope he has a successful recovery.

Still on Martin. I usually do not mingle too much with opposition teams but I have a little time for Martin. He allowed my three year old son to play defense on him before their team shoot around at the "Swamp" recently. It is a nice touch when a player allows a moment like this. I had finished with our shoot around and a few of the Pigs players had come early for theirs. My confident son asked if he could play D (I cannot believe my son said that, I will have to have a chat with him later.) on Martin as he began to warm up.

Martin allowed the "little tacker" the opportunity to have his moment on the "Swamp" floor. So thanks to Martin for that great gesture, and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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