Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mills Sets Record...And Crocs Win

Young Aussie Boomer, Patrick Mills, has set a school record for points by a freshman (1st year player) in a game. Playing for St Mary's College Mills lit up the Oregon Ducks for 37 points.;_ylt=AsUzcLl9i7yrGwplkLm1xkLevbYF?gid=200711200538&prov=ap

Oregon are/were ranked 11th in the nation so this is quite a good start for Mills. Playing in just his 4 game in the USA, reports had 7 NBA scouts at the game. Quite a good time for Mills to put his best foot forward. Here is video footage of the game.

There were two other Aussies involved in this game as well, Carlin Hughes and Lucas Walker, both for St Mary's. Australia and this college have a little history. Daniel Kickert played his college ball there as did former Crocs import, EJ Rowland. History books will also so Wollongong head coach Eric Cooks played his college ball there.
Also in action today were Andrew Ogilvy and Alec Maric. Here is a full schedule of boxscores for the day.

The Crocs had a solid win over the Tigers tonight. Once again the 107-81 win was sparked by "Homicide" Williams and his 31 points. I have to say though, it is our defense that has been creating a lot for us of late. Although Brad Sheridan did not trouble the scoreboard he had an influence on this game with his "D". "Rowdy" and his arms were everywhere.

We know hit the road again for our next two games, Adelaide and Brisbane. If we really want to make something of this season, we still need to prove that we can get good wins on the road, and against these teams, they would be good wins.


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