Monday, November 5, 2007


After a disappointing weekend, 0-2, a few critics are asking if we are spending too much time at the beauty salon instead of on the hardwood. Take it from me, we are doing everything possible to correct our poor start (3-7).

What is going on with the Crocodile players and coaches on a positive note, is Movember. To find out more go to Each player had a choice. Our own twist, the Mohawk hairstyle or the traditional Movember route, a Mo. There are four of us sporting the mohawks now (look to your right), but I believe a few of the other players have said if they can raise "X" amount of dollars, they will join the Mohawks. ( I will let you know more in the future as to how you can sponsor these guys.)

I do not wish to rehash the weekend. Very disappointing, so I will just publish the boxscores below for your own viewing and analysing.

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