Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crocs Win On The Road

Last night saw the Crocs win on the road in Wollongong, 101-87. Injury still haunts the Crocs as young guard Drew Williamson Dislocated his shoulder seven minutes into the game.

With only eight players left to manage the rest of the game, Trevor Gleeson had few options left by the fourth quarter. Three players fouled out, leaving only five players left to finish. It may have been interesting to see what would have happened if the game had been a little longer. Corey Williams finished on five fouls. Has thee ever been a time in the NBL when a team has only four players left on the court.

Today we travel down to Melbourne to take on the Dragons. If Ben Pepper's elbow injury has not recovered, we will only suite eight players. Sometimes this will bring a looseness to a team. knowing you will get to play will allow you to relax and play without thinking. That is what we get to do tonight. Let it fly and see what happens.

If we can get this win tonight, we are back in the mix with a plethora of home games still remaining. Things might be looking up for the Crocs, provided we can finish with five on the court.


DJ Rod said...

2 awesome wins JR

Anonymous said...

Successful trip mate... That must do the team confidence no harm!!


Anonymous said...


Do you know if Pepper is playing round 9. If you don't know, what chance do you give him of playing?

P.S. Great road wins.

JR said...

Thanks everyone. It was a great weekend. Winning to in a row on the road is a good step to gaining some momentum.

As for Pepper, I'm really unsure as to what his return date is.