Sunday, November 18, 2007

MacKinnon Misinterpretting??

Anytime the Bullets and the Kings have squared off in the last few years there has always been a little media by play pregame. Both teams are excellent at using the media to try and gain an upper hand in how they would like the game to flow, in their favour.

Brian Goorijan and Joey Wright both use the media to send a message, and it is great to watch from afar. BUT now throw in league MVP Sam Mackinnon.

After their recent clash, MacKinnon made comment on how the Kings roughed up and cheap shot the Bullets. There is room for argument with these comments, (especially the attention CJ Bruton received) but Sammy Mac must have awoken one morning and realized his comments were directed at the coach who will be selecting the Boomers team for this upcoming Olympics.

Goorijan took offense to these comments and said it was up to the refs and their evaluators and commentators to decide if they were playing within the boundaries.

You can read Sam's new comments here:,23739,22766458-10389,00.html Now it is the players of the King's that have just taken it upon themselves to cheap shot!

I will endeavour to contact MacKinnon this week to see if he has changed his mind again!

One thing he did have right in the article, "his old mate" will win the three point shoot out at the All Star game.

Boxscores: breakers v hawks blaze v dragons kings v pigs wildcats v hawks 36ers v dragons breakers v taipans crocs v slingers

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