Friday, November 23, 2007

All Star Game Dilemma

This week Perth Wildcats coach Scott Fisher has gone public saying he wants his players to be exempt from this year's annual All Star event. Read about it here:

I can understand Fisher's coach's view here but the game has to have the best players perform in it, if it is going to be a successful event. Shaun Redage is a early MVP candidate. He has to be there. If Alex Loughton gets the call up, I'm sure the rookie would love to appear in the game.

At this time of the year I'm sure if you polled all the coaches they would want their players to stay at home. This happens, the game is erased from the calender. Please find me a player who would not like to say they are an All-Star and I may begin to change my tune.

Now, if the NBL give the Wildcats exemption from this game, Chuck Harmison better expect his phone to be ringing of the hook as soon as the decision goes public. Coaches and CEO's from all teams will be hounding him for the same treatment.

We can all fire up about the timing of the game, but it should be on the NBL calender and we as a league need to "get over it" and just play.

It just so happens that we play the Wildcats after the All Star Game. We have Corey Williams playing in the game and I will be winning the three point shoot out so we cover a few miles in those days as well. After the game, we head back to Townsville on Thursday morning, practice that day. Come Friday we head over to Perth for the clash on Saturday.

Not ideal preparation but players need to service the league so it can provide the best possible entertainment to sell the sport. We all know, a good All Star game is a exciting entertainment package.

All players love to perform in an All Star Game, so I just hope the league sticks to its guns and this event only grows into a successful annual event.

Brad Newley Highlights from Greece:

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Boxscore: taipans v breakers


djrod said...

The question has to be asked... were Singapore players in the list for the legends to choose from for the allstar game? I dnt think any would get in anyway, but i think it sets a dangerous precedent if the league has said that all Singapore players aren't to be considered because of the travel OR cost!

I personally think a player from each team should have a representative so those fans have some sort of connection to the allstar game

JR said...

Helms is a reserve DJROD. With the way injuries are right now, anyone may get a call up before the game tips off.

I cannot agree with you regarding each team being represented. The best players need to be rewarded for this game.