Friday, November 2, 2007

Kings Dust Us

Tonight the Sydney Kings handed us a good old fashion kicking. The score line 106-79 was about how we played. The result is very disappointing considering we have been playing better in recent weeks.

There is no time to rest or sulk as we suit up in less than 24 hours against the undefeated Melbourne Tigers (8-0). This type of scheduling is always a good measuring stick to see how the team responds after a bad previous night.

I will look to give a better wrap of the weekend when I return home on Sunday, hopefully after a win!


Cat said...

Have to say I loved the hairstyles on yourself, Homocide, Cedar and Galen last night. Pity that you couldn't have got Rowdy into the mix as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Its all fun about the haircuts,but we r 3 n 7.what about some wins. show a lil heart as the crocs team.startin to look ulgy and might get very ugly.

JR said...

To Everyone:

Getting Rowdy in a mohawk may take some time, but that point has been discussed amongst the team.

The hair cuts are fun etc and the team is well aware that we are 3-7. You have to trust me on this, but we are hard at it everyday trying to get better as a team. If we are still this poor by season's end, you have every right to give it to us.

Back to the hair style's. we have registered for Movember so it is all in aid of charity. Guys who do not have mohawks will have some type of facial hair. Check out the movember website and join our team for this worthy cause.