Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What A Weekend Around the NBL

Just when you thought injuries could not get any worse, players are starting to drop like flies. New Zealand Breakers point guard Wayne Turner is gone for the year. He will be going under the knife. While we are talking knives, my ex teammate Sam MacKinnon went under the knife today. This will see him out of the Bullets line up for 4-6 weeks. Hope he has a speedy recovery. We need him at the Olympics.

Also, the other Breakers import Rick Rickett has to wait to see how his back responds to rest and treatment before the franchise may have a bigger decision to ponder. Do they replace him with another import. Craig Bradshaw and his injured ankle will be sidelined for a few more games, unless the Bullets are playing "silly buggers" about his injury. Bullets also are reporting the CJ Bruton had an MRI on his ankle and is in doubt for this week. Maybe CJ just wanted the day off practice. I guess I will find out how serious this is on Thursday night.

Remember, Brett Maher is out, along with Dave Thomas, Perth has their whole roster under injury cloud, Hawks Matt Campbell and Lindsay Tait have not seen action in weeks, and Martin Cattilini is gone for the year.

As I wrote a week or so ago, the last team standing may just be hoisting the championship trophy this season.

In other news, I will be interested to see what direction the Taipans go with their vacant import spot. With Rashad Tucker released and Catt out for the season which position will they fill. Do they fell like they need to help Larry Abney and Nathan Jawai out on the boards, or will they look for a replacement at the three.

I'm interested in this move purely because I feel they have adequate people in these positions already. They have Aaron Grabau and Gary Boodnikoff to fill the three and rest Stephen Black when he needs a sub, while I have always felt Matt Smith has flown under the radar. I'm not saying he is a star, but he always produces pretty good stats in his limited minutes.

I hope to have an answer soon.

In NCAA news, Alec Maric who attends Nebraska U had another monster game. He put up 30 points in 26 minutes today. On the NBL website the have an article talking about the possible prospects that may return to Australia next year. If he keeps putting up numbers close to this, Australia will just be a place to call home for this kid.

He is playing in one of the best conferences in the country and he had a solid junior year. I'm not sure if he is NBA, but he will get try-outs for sure, so my guess is we lose another talented player to Europe.

Watch this kid, as he could be the next NBA player from Australia and he may also sneak onto the Beijing Olympic team.

Today's NBA Top Ten:
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Anonymous said...

Love to see Alec Maric at the 4 with with the crocs jr.What aussie would u like a crocs jerseys?

I'm coming down to Brissy for the game,lets make it 6 in a row.

ryan711 said...

that was me