Monday, October 19, 2009

Dave Gruber Interview

Hard working Wollongong Hawk import Dave Gruber answers ll the ridiculous questions asked by on the ground Hawks reporter Asa.

The former Northern Iowa standout talks about geography, Saturday Night Live and nicknames.

It's worth a look just to find out a little more about this SEABL MVP.


gocrocs said...

The Hawks videos started out pretty funny but I think their material is running out already. It's only October and they've plateaued.

Kevy, Kelv, Kelthoctor, Stanley, Hans said...

I guess we could resort to just posting news items off the local news?

gocrocs said...

do you have local news in 'the field of dreams'?

Kevy, Kelv, Kelthoctor, Stanley, Hans said...

Hey, now thats funny.

Can we use that 'material'

ClintDogg said...

Dave Gruber cant play.

The interviews are getting worse by the day.

mookie said...

FWIW, I found this entertaining. Keep up the solid work boys from the 'Gong.