Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crocs vs Blaze Press Conference

Trevor Gleeson will be looking for a please explain through the week from the referees' boss.

Here is the raw and uncut audio from the Townsville Crocodiles vs Gold Coast Blaze post game press conference.

First we hear from Crocs Head Coach Trevor Gleeson and game MVP Corey "Homicide" Williams.

Gleeson touches on Williams' improved defense this week and how he will be contacting the referees evaluator and discuss what you can and can't say to a ref.

Williams chat's about the crowd walking away with cheeseburgers and how it is an exceptional group of point guards in this season's NBL.

At the end a journalist asks Gleeson about an incident during the game involving a player and a ref. Gleeson was more interested in chatting about his half court shot made at shoot around.

Click here to listen.

For the Blaze, Head Coach Joey Wright talks about his team's slow start and how Williams will be hard to stop if the refereeing remains the same.

Young gun Chris Goulding talks about the Crocs making their free throws and how that was a little surprising.

Click here to listen.

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LOMAO @ "HomOcide".