Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nicknames & News

The Wollongong Hawks are trying to find a nickname that fits for new import Ty McKee.

So far some of the options are, 'The Sheriff", 'All Day', 'Fresh Prince' and my favourite 'Webster'. I'm sure some of the regular readers that come on by here can come up with something creative for the former Coppin State grad.

I would also love to hear from some of his former college friends as to exactly what his nickname was during that era.

Please leave a request and I will be more than happy to forward it on to the Hawks.


- Melbourne Tigers injured duo Nathan Crosswell and Tommy Greer hope to be back practicing tomorrow, while Head Coach Al Westover said he needs to "look at himself first". I hope he had more than just his cowboy boots on when he looked at himself.

- The New Zealand Breakers are sensing that young small forward Tom Abercrombie is ready to take his game to new heights.

If you read the article, like I did, I will have to disagree with him (Abercrombie) having the ability to match it strength wise with Sam MacKinnon.

- The Breakers go public to throw their support behind out of sorts import Awvee Storey.

I will keep a keen eye on the validity of this one.

- Read here and see what Plucka Duck and Andrew Gaze have in common.

- If you want to spend 60 seconds with Perth Wildcats import Kevin Lisch, click here.

While on D-Lisch, he has his own blog as well. Please drop by as it seems only his mother, father and proud sister do so right now.


ClintDogg said...

D-Lisch wont be around too long.

Michael From Perth said...

I think that the Lisch-in-ator will be around for the whole season. Especially if Paul Rogers retires as expected and the 'Cats sign a scoring import.

Just letting you know JR, looks like Lisch copped a torrent of abuse on his Blog and seems to have either taken it down or made it private.