Saturday, October 3, 2009

One On One With Gaze

Is there a better fencesitter than Andrew Gaze?

It's a little past my bedtime so I will do up a game recap of the Townsville Crocodiles, Perth Wildcats thriller tomorrow.

In the meantime I caught up with legendary Aussie hooper Andrew Gaze and asked him a few "please explain" quotes he has had over the past few weeks.

Firstly, I asked to clarify what he was meaning when he commented on Ben Knight's playing number 76 the other night during a Fox Sports game.

These were his words, “I’m not sure about the number 76, usually the higher numbers are reserved for those who don’t see a lot of action.”

Next I asked about this quote from The Australian.

"I think the fact we've reverted to FIBA rule of four 10-minute quarters means the most profound impact on the game will be on the court. The shorter game (a reduction of eight minutes) will make for more open and free-scoring games," he told Peter Kogoy.

He went the misquoted route on this one.

Then I just pulled one out of right field, just to keep him on his toes.

I asked if Brett Brown's national team job as head coach was in jeopardy after losing to the New Zealand Tall Blacks over the winter. Remember Phil Smythe lost his job over a series loss in 2001 to the Sheep Shaggers.

As usual Gaze flips it and has me answering the question.

Always the fencesitter, but it was great to catch up with Gaze and see what the Great One had to say.

Enjoy this quick hitter.

Gaze Interview


Mattcalf said...

heard gaze give you a shout-out during the broadcast last night, had to laugh because I thought it'd be the first thing you dropped in today's blog.

ClintDogg said...


Ive now listened to my 1st OT, in full.

Sounds alot better with JA going solo with no DJ Rod, he just sounded geeky and asked nerdy questions, this is why I switched it off and never listened to another episode.

There's a little button called "volume", maybe turn that up a bit JA cause yas sound so soft. And add some "compression", ya voices are all over the place loud then soft loud then soft.