Monday, September 29, 2008

Ruffling Some Feathers

GOAT (greatest of all time). Last week it was Melbourne, this week New Zealand (insert own joke) but for more on it read Boti Nagy articles below.

It seems that my column I write for the Townsville Bulletin has ruffled a few feathers around the NBL circles.

First, Cairns Taipan Martin Cattalini replied via the Cairns Post calling me an 'idiot" and I have spent too much time in "Clownsville".

I showed him who was boss as I contributed a crucial 3 points in our come from behind win over his Snakes.

Now The Daily Telegraph has given my comments a run. ( I wish one of these mainstreams would give a plug as they quote me!)

I would just like to make one thing clear from this article. They are now the Sydney Spirit so my approach to this franchise is a whole lot different as to if it was the West Sydney Razorbacks.

I was an original member of the Razorbacks so I have a soft spot for them.

As for the Spirit, I do not see them as the Razorbacks at all. Just as I'm sure many original Razorback fans have a different feeling about the Spirit team.

By no means am I backing down from my comments made about the current franchise in Sydney.

Sydney needs a franchise that has a presences within the community and I'm not sure if the Spirit has that selling power.

On the otherhand I did mention (not sure if it was published) that Mike Wrublewski has a proven track record in this situation and has probably made a wise decision in not competing in this year's NBL.

Wrublewski will use this time away from the game wisely in structuring a franchise that can have an impact on the people of Sydney.

There is no doubt a lot of water has to go under the bridge before the next national competition tips off but I'm speculating there will be a new franchise in Sydney when the new competition rolls around.

Time will tell, in the meantime I better see who else I can rub the wrong way.


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Can anyone explain to me what Martin Cattalini was doing after Corey "Homicide" Williams dunked on him? Did he forget you have to inbound the ball?


Isaac said...

"I wish one of these mainstreams would give a plug as they quote me!"

Let your inner nerd out and change your name to "". Problem solved.

Dodge Taylor said...

Maybe Cat was so surprised that Homicide dunked it that he thought he had missed and it was play on. Who's the idiot now?

Nice work on the publicity JR, Townsville Bulletin, Cairns Post and now The Daily Telegraph! What next ... The Australian, The NY Post?? They may not mention the blog but I'm sure some of the people who read the stories will check it out.

Keep up the good work,


Anton said...

Further on the name change, have you considered a face tattoo advertising your URL?

Worth thinking about. Works for Marbury.

Paul Miles said...

You know JR, if you buy, I'm sure your team manager can arrange for a home kit with "RILLIE.COM" above the number.

John Rillie said...

great ideas guys. maybe in the future but not just right now. Loved the thought though.

Isaac said...

That's the fearful "don't want a tattoo on my face" attitude that will hold your blog back. It's the sort of approach taken by 4 PPG players. Oh wait... ;)

Snoop Wogg said...

Nearly one of the funniest things I have seen in an NBL match. Was like watching an 8 year old that doesn't know the rules! And what a surprise, Morrissey writing tripe and not giving you any props. And to think he's the AFL writer for the Tele as well...