Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's News & Notes

Aaron Grabau will have his jersey retired, while still playing.

- The Singapore Slingers are trying to hold onto Philippine guard Jason Castro. This kid must be quite the drawcard if Bob Turner and his Slinger staff want him to play in Singapore despite them not having any concrete schedule or league to play in.

Since the Slingers decided to pull out of the Australian NBL, Castro became the number three draft pick back in his homeland.

- Cairns Taipans will retire current player Aaron Grabau's jersey this Saturday night when they open up their season against the South Dragons. In a rare move by a sporting organization the Taipans feel Grabau is worth the honour, especially considering he is the only "original" player left within the franchise. The club celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

- Daniel Joyce is learning from the best. Shane Heal has taken the young Gold Coast Blaze point guard under his wing.

- New Zealand Breakers needs the defense to lift if they are to get some wins. Is it just me, but it seems that all teams are saying the same stuff at this time of the year. What happened to the Doug Moe days when you would just outscore a team.

- Nathan Jawai to spend time in the D-League?

- Nick Horvath likes the youth on the South Dragons roster.

- You need to find out what NBA transactions have happened over the summer, ESPN's John Hollinger has it all right here for you.

- Kobe decides against surgery on his "pinkie". That means a fast start for the Lakers and a repeat MVP trophy coming his way!

- Doc Rivers is seeing more than Celtic green these days. He has agreed to a two year extension which will see him through the 2010-11 season.

- Locals disappointed in who LeBron supports.

- Zach Randolph trade is on ice for the moment. Could it be a draft pick holding up proceedings?

- Ball Don't Lie gives you Cleveland's best NBA bloggers and Chicago's. Maybe we can get J.E. Skeets and his staff to do this for the NBL in Australia. It would only take a minute out of your day but keep us Down Under very happy.

- Our newest blogger Knicks Jamal Crawford has a new entry and he discusses teammate Ed Curry and the season he will have.

- Courtesy of Basketbawful, Greg Oden talks rehab and sings. Hope his rehab sees him on the court soon. My ears are sore.

- Brew Hoop has a poll up asking "Who's the best Buck?" Aussies and Andrew Bogut fans better get there quick.

Australian basketball great Andrew Gaze gives a "That's Gold" during a recent tour of China.

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