Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 2 Of "The OT" with JR and DJ Rod

DJ Rod and myself have churned out Episode 2 of "The OT". Click here or on the icon to the left to listen.

In this issue we look back at the first three games and preview the rest of Round 1. We have a special guest drop by as well as our All Time NBL "Ranga Team". Did you make the team?

Enjoy and please leave a comment about how we are going.


mookie said...

"This is the dodgy accent girl..."

Love it.

Brody said...

Great Podcast, JR what's your thoughts on the new basketball comp coming in next year!

Anonymous said...

hey jr great game in adl,u should drop the site and get back to ur real job,spending to much time on here and not the tranning court.shot the bloody rock 20 times a game ur the best shooting in the nbl cum on

John Rillie said...

Mookie & Brody,

Thanks for the kind words of the podcast.

Brody, I will find out more about the "reform" and let you know what I think.

John Rillie said...


I'm glad you got this one out of the road. I was waiting for someone to make comment on this. I can asure you I spend just as much time practicing as I always have.

I had a shocka and I will not hide form that.

Anonymous said...

thats why i like u jr u dont talk shit lol u tell it as a man got to like that.