Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dead Set Shocka

Last night we (Townsville Crocs) opened up the season in Adelaide against the 36ers. An absolute disappointing effort on my behalf. I will give you a better post later on today, after I have finished licking my wounds.

Adelaide 109-82 Crocs recap
Cairns 85-75 Gold Coast recap
New Zealand 114-93 Wollongong recap

In the meantime, if you haven't heard the 2nd Episode of "The OT" (podcast) here it is.

See you later today!

1 comment:

Jim Tsilavis said...

Mate love the Podcast with DJ Rod, keep em coming.
What was up with the game against Adelaide, you guys are deffinately better then that! I did try & warn Rosell about Adelaide, maybe he didn't take me seriously? They will suprise a few teams I think.
Jim Tsilavis - Gloria Jeans Coffees Castletown