Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ere A Tiger and A Knight-Mare Out West

Seamus says, "Put your hands up in the air." Ebi Ere (picuted) will be a Melbourne Tiger.

The hot topic burning up forums and blogspots is the news that NBL dual championship winning import Ebi Ere is signing with the current champions, the Melbourne Tigers. (It may be almost official, NOW!)

There are so many angles and storylines that you could go with this but I'm not sure whether the truth will ever come out.

Whether you want to believe that Ere learnt the finer points of getting out of a contract from teammate and friend CJ Bruton, you better throw into the mix of theories that both clubs (Tigers and Dragons) involved in this process have two guys that run their teams that would love to get one up on the other.

I'm sure Tigers owner Seamus McPeake dropped everything, almost everything I hope, once he knew their was a chance he could spoil Dragons chairman Mark Cowan's revival party.

Whatever the truth is behind Ere moving across town, please put it to rest and lets get on with the season.

I love that the Tigers are putting together their "Dream Team". Everytime they step on the floor they are going to get the oppositions best shot.

As for the opposition, what a great challenge to go out there and beat this team that is suppose to be great? You are in a no lose situation. I look forward to the times we play them. I love the thought of playing the Tigers and challenging myself against the best. They are the measuring stick and I'm happy to roll with my team against them.

We might surprise ourselves with how good we could be.

I know there are a lot of people shaking their head at how the Tigers can assemble such a team. But if you ask all players if they feel they should be playing more and having a bigger influence on a game, they will answer yes. So why complain about a team being "stacked".

Go out there, play and show why you deserve more playing time and opportunity.

The league needs a team such as this. Remember there is no Sydney Kings to hate anymore so the Tigers should bring the best out of everyone, including the NBL.

Whether the Tigers have constructed their team the right or wrong way, that is for the NBL office to decide. But I have no problem taking them on.

Tigers/Crocs championship series, I can dig that.

Out west in Perth there may be a new story brewing. Supposedly new signing Ben Knight may not be signing unless the Wildcats release someone from their roster.

My sources say the NBL office has told the Wildcats if Knight signs they need to release a player so their team is under the points total each team has to abide by.

I'm no good with the finer workings of the points system the league has in place, but it will be interesting to see who the unlucky player is that gets tapped on the shoulder to make room for Knight.

Other News

- Singapore Slingers are set to lose another player. Jason Castro will settle with the Slingers in the near future then go home and play.

- Wollongong looking to turn up their "D".

- Adelaide 36ers will play the South Dragons this weekend in a preseason game, but this game has a thick plot.

- So called ESPN experts already predict their NBA award winners.

- Yahoo Sports blogger JE Skeets mentions Wollongong Hawks Glen Saville and his pork chops.

- The Hoops Doctor has a great list of Daily Dimes. Anything from dunking on Shaun Bradley to Travis Outlaw living in the south.

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DJ Rod said...

Has anyone added up Melbourne's points total?

Anonymous said...

how the hell are they under the cap??? looks like the tigers are the next team to go from the nbl.theres no way they can be makin money playin in frout of 1900 people