Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's All Shut Up And Play Ball

Leave Ebi and his Tiger teammates alone. Lets play ball.

The season has started and all I continue to read about is how the Melbourne Tigers are cheating the salary cap. Everyone needs to let the NBL do their job and police it as they can. Play ball.

Why this subject gets me fired up is, coaches around the league talk about their roster in the preseason and how all the players on there are the guys they hand picked to make the club a better organization.

Well, if these players have been chosen by you and you feel like they can help you win a title, why are you worried about the Melbourne Tigers and their salaries. Payroll has nothing to do with it once the ball has been thrown in the air.

Right now I feel the league overall should be concentrating on the season at hand and their own teams. Promoting the positives would not be a bad idea either.

Some of the positives I feel the league has (just off the top of my head):

- The competition will probably be the most hotly contested in league history. I'm thinking that many of the top six playoff spots will not be decided until the final week of the regular season.

- The men's national team just finished 7th (in the scheme of things not too bad) at the Olympics and seven of those players play in our competition.

- We have record numbers playing in the USA college system. They will not all play in the NBA and Europe. I believe the next wave (generation) of great players is not far away.

- With Andrew Bogut and Nathan Jawai playing in the NBA and Patrick Mills becoming everyones "darling" right now, kids have someone to aspire to. Two of those kids are indigenous to boot. I feel there is a positive message there for the sport.

As you can see there is plenty good about our sport at the moment.

The trouble is, it is the Aussie way to worry about another man's business instead of your own backyard.

If we are as good as we all say we are, no amount of money will help the Tigers once the ball is thrown up.
Lets play ball, please!


- Ebi Ere fits in like clock work.

- Gold Coast Blaze player Casey Frank sick of training. You could probably put any name in here from the NBL except Ebi Ere.

- "That's not a technical foul in my book," Brian Goorjian said after the game.
"It's a time-out. I didn't swear when I went on to the court. I'm not saying if the referee's right or wrong." Full article courtesy of the Sun Herald.

The way I read it Brian, you are saying the ref is wrong!

- Cairns Taipans Coach Alan Black praises their defense for win over the South Dragons.

- Brett Maher and Mark Tyndale shine in intra squad scrimmage.

- A nice piece on young Aussie Nate Tomlinson (son of Bill) who will be playing in the Big 12 at Colorado this year.

- Knicks Jamal Crawford has become a blogger. In his first entry he talked about working on his shot selection. In a summer league game in his hometown of Seattle, Crawford dropped 118 points at Bally's Health/Fitness Club (small court I heard). I would like him to comment on how his shot selection was in that game.

- Shaun Livingston, coming to a team near you. Portland are favourites.

- No Magic, just Monkey King please. Lakers Chinese signing Sun Yue talks about his preferred nickname.

- My Philly friend, WorldHoopsBlog has an obsession for Skins. Wait until he tries a pair, he will never take them off.

- If his much loved Portland Trailblazers continue with their run of injuries ASternWarning may get to suit up for them.
Delonte West - pretty funny guy


PaulieDanger said...

I have a feeling I'd never take a pair of Skins off because I wouldn't be able to. But that's mostly because I've got a Body By Burritos. And it has become an obsession, hasn't it?

DJ Rod said...

what is delonte west smokin?

did he make ANY sense to you at all?? WTF?

Snoop Wogg said...

Hilarious stuff from Delonte, but sub titles might have helped a bit! I agree with all the salary cap stuff, but I still think the Razorits have a legit gripe with Lukey Martin. Local product, and he really hasn't played much over the last couple of years, so his points are way too high. Come on "interim commish" grow some balls and let him play!!!

Glockers said...

Yeah let Luke Martin play for goodness sake. Though I would just ditch Dann since he has never taken the next step and Reed is an adequate back-up at the three spot. That way you can fit Luke in.