Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tigers Maul Crocs and Hall of Fame Inductees

With the return of Chris Anstey and Ebi Ere the Tigers put it to us (Crocs) tonight. 125-106 was the final but I will be honest and say the Tigers controlled the game for most of the second half.

Anstey come out of the blocks fast and was hard to contain the rest of the night. He finished with 33 on the night from 12/15 shooting. It seemed like Anstey scored the first 15 points for them. He was On Fire.

Ere came of the bench but it did not take long for the former South Dragon to have an impact. After deadset bricking his first shot he quickly turned it around to nail his next six threes on his way to 25.

That ends the preseason for both teams now.

For the Crocs is it back to the practice court for the next ten days before we open the season down in Adelaide.

Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon were just a few of the names inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame today.

Congrats to all for quite an achievement.


mookie said...

No Rusty, was he injured?

DJ Rod said...

yeah he tweaked a groin in the previous game against the Tigers. I might have been after a dunk, whilst hanging on the rim :0

mookie said...

Rusty going hard! It sounds like it may be the WSR version of Hinder that we see this year, rather than the slightly stifled Kings version... good for him!