Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Colourful Teammates

This was Corey "Homicide" Williams go-carting!

I’ve had a little over a month with my new teammates now so I feel like I well and truly have enough dirt on them to share with you.

You always have to start with the rookies, so first up is Steve Costanzo. Last weekend in Cairns was a real eye opening experience for the young big man. It was his first taste of what happens in the daily life of a professional basketball player.

The big guy is doing a great job to date and I do see a future in the NBL for him.

And there is something to be said for that pure rookie enthusiasm, and Steve is no different. This kid was so keen to play last Friday night that he wore his game uniform to practice earlier that day.

We all had a laugh and joke about this honest rookie mistake, but his veteran roommate Russell Hinder was noticeably quiet amongst all the ribbing. Maybe that is because his rookie season in West Sydney, where we were team mates, he did exactly the same thing.

Now many of you may not know that newcomer Cam Tovey fancies himself as a two sport athlete. Some of you may have seen Tovey slashing his way through defenders on the basketball court. Well, you may also occasionally see him at Murray Skate Park shredding and kick flipping his way toward becoming the Tony Hawk of Townsville.

I also noticed that Cam had made the jump into the North Queensland lifestyle flawlessly. However it appears that this transition may have an adverse effect on one of his sporting ambitions. He recently showed me an infected toe that he nearly removed from his foot while skateboarding wearing thongs.

Oh and by the way, at last report Tony Hawke has lost no sleep over Tovey’s ability.

Alright, I have hit a couple of the new guys, but I just can’t go past a few gems provided by some of our returning players and coaching staff.

We all know that Corey “Homicide” Williams has some serious speed on the basketball court. In fact there are very few people, if any, who are able to stay in front of him when Williams is at full speed.

The same can not be said for our Homicide when he is behind the wheel of a car,…or a go-kart anyway. Recently the Crocs had a team day around the go-karting track in Cairns.

Of course there was lots of big talk and competitive banter before we hit the track for our three races. In each eight minute race most of us completed around 14 laps, provided we had not been run off the track.

Yes,…I did say most. Corey may have completed 14 laps during the competition, but that would have been in TOTAL over the three races. This effort saw him unanimously winning the ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Award for the day. He set a blistering pace with his best lap time of two minutes. He may have been faster running around the track dribbling a ball.

Last but not least assistant coach Lyndon Brieffies must be congratulated for recording the fastest lap time of the day on the go-carting excursion. This was no small achievement considering this Bob “Mr Incredible” Parr look-a-like was driving into a massive head wind all day.

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