Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's The Daily News, I Need Coffee

I'm not usually a morning person but I hit the hay early last night so here is all the early morning news.

- Perth Wildcats are looking for their first win.

- Women's coach Carrie Graf believes Canberra is fit for a men's team.

- Perth are still thinking about action over six players on the court.

- Changes for the New Zealand domestic league.

- New Zealand Breaker's Kirk Penney receives first Player of the Week honour.

- Brett Maher will become the 9th player in NBL history to play 500 games. Too bad he is on the road we he achieves this milestone.

- Can the Melbourne Tigers stay undefeated as they take on the Breakers?

- China's national competition (CBA) extends to 18 teams.

- Gold Coast Blaze import Luke Whitehead is trying to beat the injury clock in time for clash against the Wildcats.

- Wollongong Hawk Cam Tragardh is over his groin injury.

- Bench to be a success for the Hawks.

- Townsville basketball legend Kevie Sugars to be honoured.

- ASternWarning breaks down the NBL games for Round 2.

- WorldHoopsBlog has your morning fill of NBA news.

- Yes, we did watch this horror movie.

- TheSportCount takes a look at the daily diary of the injured Gilbert Arenas.

I need my coffee so I will get back to you when I have landed in Melbourne. White with one if you wanted to know.


Ryan Mobilia said...

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Northern-most JR-on-Fire reader said...

You're not going to admit to drinking INTERNATIONAL ROAST?

John Rillie said...


Thanks for the post and I will put you on my bloggers list.


John Rillie said...

JR reader from the far north:

It would be fantastic if International Roast come on board as a sponsor.

It would be a great partnership. A match made in heaven.