Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carfino On Hoops & Zags #8

Dicky V has my Zags at #8.

It's a late tip off tonight (blog entry) so let's go around the globe and see what is happening in the world of hoops. By the end it will be breakfast time.

- It is hard to knock somebody when they are doing the sport a favour, but I cannot let FoxSports expert commentator Steve Carfino slide on this one. Carfino provided a quick preview of this year's NBL competition on FoxSports News today.

He made his own predictions about where teams would finish on the ladder then started to talk about roster changes made during the off-season.

He talked about former Croc Greg Vanderjagt being a good pick up for the Gold Coast Blaze.

I'm not doubting Vanderjagt will be a good pick up for the Blaze, but when Carfino mentioned Vanderjagt's hands and good in the same sentence I have to pull Mr Magic up right there. Vanderjagt has been unfortunately been blessed with feet as hands.

He cost me many assists over our four years together as teammates. I have sourced out a product that may just help the big man out though. Check it out and get your fee sample.

- Boti Nagy talks with new 36ers signing Aaron Bruce. The ex-Baylor Bear talks about the way he likes to play the game and why he will wear #7. Amen.

- Wollongong Hawk Matt Campbell feels like a rookie again. I just hope he doesn't show up to the original "Snakepit" for their first game.

- New Zealand Breakers take the media to school.

- Hoops junkie Matt McQuade is back on the job. He breaks down the Adelaide 36ers.

- Boomerang! Is this the next great invention to appear on the ABC's New Inventors program. If you want to try and become the next "John Rillie" (great shooter) see if this contraption gets the thumps up from the experts on the show, Wednesday night at 8pm.

- Minnesota T-Wolves Ryan Gomes is trying to educate to save lives.

- My Zags are good for #8 through Dicky V's eyes. Could this be the year the Zags make it to the Final Four? I think so. Watch out for Micah Downs.

- Ball Don't Lie blogger Rod Benson apologizes to American refs.

- "More Than A Game" gets rave reviews. This documentary about LeBron James' high school team has the approval from the Toronto International Film Festival.

- Check out this breakdown of the Celtics roster. You will see why it costs so much to watch Brian Scalabrine in action, live.

- This American blogger feels the need to find me a nickname to match my backcourt mate, "Homicide". Good luck in your quest, but I think JR is here to stay! My Philly mate has an informative bites and pieces article. You will find info such as Kobe to have surgery? and Kiwi Craig Bradshaw signs in Spain.

- I inspired a post! Check out all these NBA players that have tried their hand at rapping.

Come and join me for breakfast.


Dodge Taylor said...

Ha ha ha, nice work on camera JR, you're a natural!

Snoop Wogg said...

Cannot believe the article about Aaron Grabau and his jersey being retired, before he does! Why couldn't they wait until he finishes, what is the rush?