Friday, September 12, 2008


Finally I have installed the first edition of the "The OT".

Hosted by myself and DJ Rod, topics include a preview of all the teams in this year's NBL competition, a special guest drops by and we talk about a few issues that came up over the off season.

You can click here or on the logo to the left to start listening.

Allow a few minutes for it to download and you will be in business.

By the time Episode 2 comes out (next week), it should be available on iTunes to download.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.


mookie said...

I should have known DJ Rod would be mixed up in these shenanigans!

I'm listening now -- great work guys!! Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

good podcast jr and dj rod but how could u have this man on ur show lol?

Anonymous said...

Good podcast, but please tell the lovely lady to lose the dodgey Fake American accent :)

Anonymous said...

Great first effort.

And if the lovely lady is who I think it is, that accent is no fake. But it makes me laugh to hear someone say it.

Looking forward to more OT.

PaulieDanger said...

Excellent first effort, JR. And keep the fake dodgey American accent. Reminds me of the fake dodgey American accents mom used to make.

Anonymous said...

Nice first up effort boys. The voiceover brings some real spunk to the program. Where did you find her? Is she the chick from love songs and dedications on 4TO. Or is it Dr. Feelgood?