Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Thoughts On Your Comments

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Over the past few weeks I have noticed an increase in comments. I'm not sure if that is a reflection on my writing and/or topics but I welcome ALL comments.

What I've done tonight is highlight a few that have come in over the last week that I will comment on.

Anonymous wrote, " Rill's. Sick and tired of NBL coaches and CEO's throwing the line out there that there are 30 guys without a job/team from last season. What a load of crap. Every Singapore guys are still playing and getting paid. If they chose to leave that team becuase of the move out of the NBL, then that was up to them. For the Kings, the only guys from last season's teams without a job are Kendall (probably the most high profile on the list) and BJ Carter. From the Bullets the only guys without jobs are Mick Hill, Rhys Martin, Justin Brown. Bradshaw went to Europe. The rest are guys who couldnt get contracts Rigby and Mottram. So I have 7 reputable players who were in some way effected by the collapse of these teams "direectly". If you throw Dench, Campbell (Blaze), Hunt (Perth) who probably effected indirectly. Subtract retirements (Dmac, Copes, Castle, Stiff, Trahair, Shanahan, Pepper). How does that up to 30 guys without a job as being reported consistently around the country?? The Perth situation with Dowdell & Garlepp is just a selfish one. They opted to take on Knight knowing the points, in fact they got rid of Hunt to get the team they wanted in the first place! There are probably more players on the fringe of programs affected by the YAP rule, then those out of work by the demise of the bullets/kings. And lets face it, besides Kendall - who on that list is a front line NBL player of the future??"

I agree with what you are saying here, "Anonymous". The NBL has certainly not lost 30 players due to the off season happenings.

As you mentioned there are only a handful of players that have been affected by the three teams folding. In fact the Young Australian Player (YAP) would have had more of a bearing on this more than anything else.

I cannot fathom how Luke Kendall is not playing in our league right now. To think that the last guy cut from the Olympic Team cannot get a contract in his own domestic competition is mind blowing.

Somehow I think some CEO's and coaches have commented without really thinking about what the result really has been.

Dodge Taylor wrote, "Singlets wise I have Nique, Timmy (which I got him to sign), KG with the Wolves (one of my friends lost it), Steph with the Wolves, Reggie, my boy Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, a Georgetown Iverson and Nash from his Dallas days."

Kelthoctor said, "The only NBA jerseys i own are Nuggets #20 (Ellis), Lakers #9 (Nick Van Exel), Celtics #5 (Bill Walton, yeah, its really old)".

On the jersey front, I have to admit to sporting my share in the day and still rock my "Miller" jersey down at The Strand.

My collection started with a Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan uniform. Man did I think I was "pimpin".

Next, I added a "Big Game" James Worthy jersey. If only I could finish the break like he did!

Then the jersey club became exclusive. I have about 6 or 7 Reggie Miller jerseys in my closet, still. Anything from Pacers to Team USA. Miller Time will live on forever.

As for no Moses Malone attire. My own brother tried to rip me off on the sale of a sweet 76ers Malone jersey.

My names Rillie not silly.

Glockers wrote, " Yeah let Luke Martin play for goodness sake. Though I would just ditch Dann since he has never taken the next step and Reed is an adequate back-up at the three spot. That way you can fit Luke in."

I'm not sure if all the backlash helped but Luke Martin has got his wish and is playing for the Sydney Spirit.

Glockers, I agree with you regarding Greame Dann. I'm not sure how many teams will keep taking a punt on this guy's untapped potential. He has skills but does not handle advice to well.

Keep the comments rolling in. I will begin to highlight the comments of the week and respond.


- The final game of Round 1 was tonight and it allowed Brian Goorjian to taste success in his 700th game on the sidelines. A late technical foul on the Perth Wildcats allowed the South Dragons to get away with a 91-87 road win.

recap boxscore

- Both the Melbourne Tigers and the Cairns Taipans have got out of the blocks fast. Each team has started 2-0 in Round 1.

- Brian Goorjian talks to The Age's Stephen Howell about success.

- Goorjian on Andrew Gaze.

- New Zealand Breakers take deep breath as new reform has them pencilled in.

- Sydney Spirit Coach Rob Beveridge said, " the state of basketball in Sydney, it's red alert." Courtesy of Foxsports.

I agree with Beveridge. We cannot just think all will be right when the league revamps itself next year. We have a season to play and I believe it will impact how the sport is perceived now and in the future.

- Michael Hill (not the jeweler) believes that Brisbane needs to be included in the NBL.

- 36ers looking for 2-0 start to season.

- Shane Heal has nothing to prove.

- NBA training camp is just around the corner. How will the Rookie's fair?

The NBL's only quadruple overtime game (1994). Brisbane Bullets vs Perth Wildcats


Mike said...

Interesting news on the reform front. I think keeping NZ is the right way to go -- rumour was that if the A-League lost its Kiwi team, Hyundai would withdraw their sponsorship. So it certainly helps having a presence over there.

Anyway, good win to the Dragons tonight -- hopefully there's more of the same on thursday!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work on the blog...just because people dont comment as much doesnt mean they dont read it...

nick said...

nice jersey collection jr.
i have the sacro kings bibby to show my love for the bibby-c-webb-vlade era, and retro gervin in honour of the iceman's fingerroll.

but most treasured (apart from of course mj) is the j-kidd nets jersey. walking triple double.

hopefully an introduction of a new basketball competition will lead to a re-structuring and reinvigoration of bball in aus. though that will probs mean a merger of cairns-crocs into north qld?

Anonymous said...

my jersey collection is better then all of u's lol

Josh Howard,yao,Emeka Okafor,usa Mj,Jason Richardson city,kobe old school,old school Amare Stoudemire,Webber,high school Carmelo Anthony,old school Yao Ming,kobe usa,Bogut,Shaun Livingston,Ai,Dirk Nowitzki,Timmy,buffalo Corey Maggette,Richard Hamilton,,Ray allen,Clyde Drexler,,Steve Francis,Josh Smith,High School Corey Maggette,Melo,kg and peter crawford wildcats and 2 crocs lol

DJ Rod said...

I have a few...

Miller, Miller USA, Shaq USA, Shaq Lakers, Grant Hill USA, Magic, Gaze Seton Hall, Webber Sac & Michigan, Clarence Tyson, Brian Andrews actual game uniform from 2nd Suns year, Brad Newley game worn All-star uniform from Tsv, 2 framed Michael Penisi uniforms (last ever Suns, 1st ever Crocs) & 1 framed Greg Vanderjagt from last year.

I never owned an MJ jersey and never understood why!!!

I LOVED Reggie back in the day but C-Webb is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of jersey collections, my Jersey collection includes the JR West Sydney edition (first season)... man that cost me a bomb...

Lucky your a good guy...

Keep blogging, somebody has to run the Marketing department for the NBL...

Snoop Wogg said...

Geez, how many stuff-ups by the Hammer before he finally got it right! Turnovers, bricks - get it to Leroy or Andre Moore!!!

Anyway, my Patrick Ewing "new" away strip (first ever appearance worn at MSG v Rockets in '95) is very much treasured.

And my Peja Kings jersey is a fav too. But would kill for a Mullin jersey.

DJ Leon Smith said...

Gotta say I win the jersey wars fellas - got every NBA team except for the Grizzlies, Bobcats and Thunder (boo), plus a Xavier McDaniel Wichita State, Jerry West West Virgina, Bibby Arizona, Yao China juniors and my favourite, a Len Bias Maryland.