Thursday, September 11, 2008

There Should Be A New Addition Soon

There's a new addition coming! Stay tuned for more.

Blogging has become my new addiction. My drug of choice. Besides spending time with my family (they may argue this point) and getting ready for my 15th season professionally, blogging is how I spend my day.

This blog started from a suggestion by my wife (I bet she wishes she could have those words back) and I have never looked back.

So having been blogging for over a year I felt it was time to add to the JR Blog Empire. Time to inform my loyal visitors through a different avenue. Hey, I might even appeal to a different crowd along the way as well.

My new baby I'm speaking of is a Podcast. Hopefully in less than 24 hours you will be taking it for a test drive, and if you like it, there will be another edition next week.

It is currently in the "Chop Shop" so as long as there is minimal editing, my editor should have it shining by tomorrow. Hopefully it will sound as good as The Basketball Jones. (Just kidding, maybe by next week though.)

What will be on the show? In the first episode my co-host and I concentrated on the upcoming 31st NBL season and have previewed all team rosters, ran through the few games that are on tap this weekend and have a guest pop by our luxurious recording studio.

This will become a show that covers all things basketball (NBL, NBA, NCAA, Europe) so I hope you will join us and our special guest each week. Providing my technical skills allow me, this will also become available on ITunes so you can download and listen whenever you want.

I'm always up for constructive criticism so once you have listened, please comment on what you think can be done better or what you like about the podcast.


- Brian Goorjian is already in midseason form. According to him the Melbourne Tigers are untouchable and the rest of us have no chance, unless we bring a sword to the game.

- Adelaide Advertiser's Boti Nagy see the NBL "bouncing back". He also takes a look around the league at what is happening.

- "I'm happy to be here (Melbourne Tigers). Wherever I play, I'm happy to be here. It's all about playing, you know, committing to the team that you're on. It's a business as well. I've got to handle my business", said new Tigers signing Ebi Ere when talking to The Age newspaper. I look forward to the Tigers and South Dragons squaring off during the season.

- Sydney Spirit to take the softly, softly approach. Their youth needs time to mature. Too bad they open the season with the Tigers.

- Perth Wildcat Paul Rogers will miss their season opener against the South Dragons. How dickey is this guy's knee?

- Cairns Taipans are going to start the season with a celebration. It is their tenth season as a franchise so they are starting it in style. The Cairns fans will be hoping the team can party on the floor for a little longer this year.

- "The launch will be a 'comfortable and intimate affair'." This courtesy of the Gold Coast Bulletin as they discuss the season launch of the Blaze. It will be held some 78 stories high, even dwarfing 213cm Greg Vanderjagt.

- Coaches have their say on who's the best.

- Young Crocs guard Michael Cedar may one day wear the green and gold.

- Luke Walton should we back on the floor soon.

- NBA rookies Chalmers and Arthur fined over behaviour.

- If you live in a NBA fantasy world or league this is for you.

- 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks gets contract extension.

- Seton Hall recruit to sue Big East. No, it's not Andrew Gaze.

- High schooler turns down big time football to play mid-major hoops.

- Bloggers WorldHoopsBlog and BestOffGround give us their NBL previews.

- The Sport Count has an open letter to NBA commissioner David Stern.

- A Stern Warning takes a look at a legend.


brandon hoffman said...

Good luck with the new addition. Can't wait to give it a listen.

Matt said...

Awesome John! I've been waiting for a podcast ever since I dunked on you at Auchenflower in about 94.

I'll definately be listening.

Anonymous said...

Great. Just what I needed for my Ipod on those long flights. It was bad enough having you sit in the seat next to me and in the mini van on the way to the hotel.

John Rillie said...


Very interesting to hear you say that considering I was in the USA at that time!