Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Take Steve Nash's Challenge Head On

Do I have Steve Nash worried?

Preseason has caught up with me so I need to get a little rest tonight before the Crocs take on the Perth Wildcats tomorrow night. I need to be fresh as it is our first preseason game in front of the home fans.

I'm sorry about the lack of content but I'm sure you will be happy with the You Tube challenge I have presented.

I know the Steve Nash footage is a little old (4 months) but I have only come across this challenge a few days ago.

After liking the look of where this was going I thought I would give it a crack.

Please watch former Santa Clara Bronco and NBA MVP Steve Nash knock down free throws at a phenomenal rate.

I took his challenge head on, like a good Zag (Gonzaga University) does, so please watch how I faired in the Steve Nash challenge.

If I remember his wording correctly he says, "I guarantee I beat you".

I'm smelling OT Baby or a new challenge. This former Zag is ready, is the Bronco Alum up to it!

Steve Nash's Can't Miss Video

JR'S Free Throw Attempt Reply

I have a few people I need to thank for making this video possible; DJ Rod, Mili, Shortie and Undies.

Let me know what you think, or give it a crack yourself.


DJ Rod said...


except NO LOVE for the guy that sent you the challenge...

Did you send it in to

John Rillie said...

Sorry about that google master. Hopefully it is more to your liking now.

Shouldn't you be praying for Team USA right now anyways.

The bet is on BABY!

DJ Rod said...

hang on champ - we only have 1 half of the bet down... still waiting on you!

I still think I'll win - only a bit nervous now.

Go and get some Z's

Anonymous said...

on you tube, you should make it a "video response" to steve nash's video, it will get a whole lot more views that way.

Mike said...

Haha! Nice work. I watched that Nash vid a few months ago, it reaked of arrogance then and it still does now.

Thanks for putting him in his place!

mookie said...

Nice work JR.

mookie said...

PrepChamps said...

Nice work man!

fire damage restoration said...

He is actually looking worried.

Anton said...

Haha, love your work Rillie. 22 by the end of '09!