Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where To Now For The Boomers

Pat Mills proved that he is the point guard of the future for the Boomers.

The Australian Boomers just got out of the blocks too slow at this year's Olympics.

Losing their first two games put their backs against the wall for the remainder of the tournament. To their credit the Boomers played some very good basketball for three games to get themselves into the medal round. Unfortunately they ran into a very focused USA team.

The rest is history so there is no need to ponder what might have been.

Lets look forward and in particular to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This will be the best chance the Boomers have of winning their first ever medal at the Olympics.

Why I feel so strongly about this is we will be fielding a team that is made up of guys who should be at their peak.

Let's start with Andrew Bogut. He has made comment how he is committed to the National Team program every other year so this is good news for the program. He is the face of this team when it comes to international ball.

When 2012 rolls around he will be 27 and really hitting his prime. Barring a major injury, this guy will be considered one of the best centres in the world by then.

The name hot on everyones lips is a man named Pat Mills. The St Mary's College point guard has let the world of basketball know he has arrived and how are you going to slow him down.

It will be interesting to see where Mills is at with his career when the next Games roll around, but he has proven he is the country's next point guard.

Brad Newley had a very solid first up Olympic campaign. Whether Newley cracks the NBA will be a topic that gets answered over this period but there is no doubting that he will be a handful for anyone to guard when London arrives. He as well will be entering his most productive years as a player so with him and Mills in the backcourt, the future is looking good.

The three spot is looking good too. David Barlow needs to keep working on and improving his game so he becomes a consistent performer at this level.

Also the Aussies have the developing Joe Ingles at small forward. If Ingles can develop a reliable perimeter game he will become a tough cover for anyone at the international level. Hopefully Ingles has had a few years in the NBA or Europe by this time so his game will just naturally mature.

David Andersen and Matt Neilsen will still be in the mix as far as interior players go, but we have a wealth of potential at this position as well.

Nathan Jawai has found himself with a two year deal with the Toronto Raptors so he will be testing himself against the best. He can do nothing but improve in this environment. (I bumped into Jawai earlier this week in Cairns. The big fella looks like he has slimmed down nicely.) If he stays on track he will be a lock for this team.

AJ Ogilvy will also come into contention. This promising sophomore who is honing his game at Vanderbilt already is rated highly by NBA scouts. With further development on his game he too will keep everyone honest and the team selection process tough for the coach.

One who is flying under the radar right now is Aleks Maric. He will ply his trade in Europe this season. Maric is a wide body who eats up space down low and has the knack of just getting the job done. He will only help ease the load in the big man department, especially when brute force is required.

I'm sure there are a few other names I have forgotten but the future is looking bright for the Boomers as well as their medal possibilities.

There is no reason we cannot start talking about being a medal winner at London. It is time for the Boomers to taste success at the Olympics and this group should be the one.

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