Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TV Deal and Crocs News


Just a quick news break right before I go and witness history, Australia giving the USA a touch up in hoops.

A few weeks ago I told you about the Fox Sport TV deal with the NBL. Well I'm happy to inform you that I have an updated version of the latest developments regarding the TV deal.

It seems that Big Wednesday is back in favour and will be the only time punters can catch NBL action on the tube during the week.

If you remember, the NBL made a statement and said something to the effect of, "at least one game per week will be seen." What this was referring to is Fox Sports is still deciding if they will broadcast the New Zealand Breakers home games that have been traditionally shown on a Thursday night.

A decision has not been made either way on this right now.

Also, the Fox coverage will not start until October. Apparently the first game will be Sydney and Townsville in Round 6 on October 22. (Well, at least my father will be happy he can watch his son on TV for his birthday.)

If you think about this situation/agreement, the WNBL deal with the ABC will show more games during the regular season.

The good news is, Fox will continue to cover all the playoff games as they have previously done over the years.

Last bit of news about this, the team of Steve Carfino/John Casey might be on the scrap heap with the Kings, Slingers and Bullets.

Just when I thought I had experienced everything affiliated with team sport over my fifteen years, something else comes along.

In one day, my team the Townsville Crocs, lose two players to season ending injuries. Unbelievable!

Veteran swingman Brad Sheridan has lost a battle with a troubling achilles problem, while Young Australian Player (YAP) Stephen Broom has an ongoing shoulder problem.

Andrew Bogut interview before the USA game.

Boomers go down with a fight to the USA. boxscore

Bogut thinks GOLD will not help NBL.

Video interview of Aaron Bruce in Adelaide.

Mike Beasley, The Rookie

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