Monday, August 4, 2008

David Barlow and a Great You Tube Clip

Boomers need David Barlow's shooting, not his so called versatility.

David Barlow is the next player I will breakdown as we are only days away from the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

I believe this tournament will be a defining moment in David Barlow's international basketball career.

Dave has shown that he has become a player at the NBL level, but can he take his game to the international stage and be consistent? I think he has been unfairly tagged as Australia's next great versatile player but his outside shooting will be greatly needed in Beijing.

Sorry, but Dave is not in the same league as a Sam MacKinnon when it comes to versatility in his game.

Barlow's strength is his perimeter shooting and there is no doubt he is the best long range sniper on the team. He is near perfect with his feet set so get this guy the ball when he is open.

Barlow can handle the ball well but I would still question what happens once pressure is applied. I know we all remember the World Championships in 2006 against Greece.

He is a good athlete with length, but I can never recall him climbing above the pack and claiming that key rebound for his team. Something that MacKinnon has made a living from.

It may seem like I'm hating on Barlow but I do like his game and his attitude. I saw this first hand in Sydney but I feel their is too much expected of him.

When you have a perfect shooting game (Barlow had one during the past NBL season.) people get caught up in the hype and start seeing things that aren't really there.

Barlow needs to concentrate on being the best shooter on this squad as it will be paramount to the team's success.

He could take a leaf out of Jason Smith's book. Smith mastered a few skills that stood by him well throughout his career.

At the international level, being a master of something serves you better than being ok at everything.

The Beijing Games will be David Barlow's moment of truth on the international stage.


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DJ Rod said...

I hadn't seen that vision b4 - I was over in the States when that whole NBL Finals/Semis series was played.

I see you were playing PG for a while there... and you even beat Sammy for a rebound - I bet he wasn't happy.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is more shocking..

a) Rusty's Hair style


b) West Sydney actually had fans

Snoop Wogg said...

Great clip JR - and to think I had the best seat in the house, right next to the Hawks bench! Although you couldn't quite replicate that form in the finals, do you think that was your best shooting performance, especially considering they threw the kitchen sink at you, defensively?